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2020-21 Editing Staff--Where Are They Now?

Last year's Editor Tameia Mitchell shows off her new Longwood University gear. (Courtesy Photo)

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Editor

A new school year brings confused freshmen, advanced classes, and unexpected opportunities, but it also means saying goodbye and good luck to another class of graduates.

The Eagle’s 2020-21 editing staff mostly featured seniors, which begs the question “where are they now?”

“I go to Longwood University,” Tameia Mitchell, last year's editor, began. “It’s about two hours away from home, and I love it here! I’m majoring in Digital Media Communications with a minor in Creative Writing. I plan to finish my education at Longwood then move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry!”

Closer to the coast at Virginia Commonwealth University, past assistant editor Anne Powell is beginning to plan for her future, same as Mitchell.

“As of now I’m undecided, but I’m leaning towards either Political Science or Journalism,” she said. “I’m not entirely sure what I want to do once college is over, but thankfully I’ve got some time to figure it out.”

Powell is sure of one thing, though: she wants to write.

“VCU puts out The Commonwealth Times once a week. I’m not writing for it (yet), but I’m hoping to once I get settled,” she shared. “Journalism was always my favorite class to come to. I enjoyed working with, and getting to know, the group I was with that semester. I met two of my best friends in that class.”

Past Assistant Editor Anne Powell has finished moving into her dorm at Virginia Commonwealth University. (Courtesy Photo)

Previous sports editor David Carter is another alumni continuing his studies, and aspires to return to reporting while majoring in Business Information Technologies at Virginia Tech.

“I haven’t joined staff but plan to,” Carter explained. “I miss the paper, and especially [Mr. Dave] Campbell. Writing for The Eagle really lets you find a more creative side of yourself and show a little of your personality while sharing stories with the people around you.”

It seems this publication also imprinted on current Virginia Western Community College student Hayley Rae.

“My career plans are a little uncertain now,” the 2020-21 assistant editor stated. “I’m stuck between Genetic Counseling and Medical Journalism. I’m also considering a minor in Journalism based on the positive experiences I had on newspaper staff!”

Some editors hadn’t reached the end of their journalism journey, though. Current Senior Caroline Horne was assistant editor, but is uncertain whether or not reporting is in her cards this school year.

“This year, I wanted to take my fourth year of journalism, but my schedule just didn’t work,” she expressed. “I either had to make the choice to take Calculus (which awards me college credit) or take another elective, like newspaper. I had to make a hard decision, but I’m so proud of everyone on the Eagle staff this year!”

Nonetheless, the newspaper here is not lacking editors, as Junior Emma Duncan, past assistant editor, has stepped up to lead the charge of finalizing articles for the 2021-22 school year.

Even though many Eagle Editors just soared from the nest, they left legacies behind to inspire future journalists.

“It takes a lot of courage and work to put words on paper and send them out into the world for others to see,” English and journalism teacher Shannon Brooks added. “Good journalists know there's always another story to tell, another revision to make, another edition to begin. And that's what last year's graduates have done--they've moved on to the next edition.”

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