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A COVID Christmas--Students Revealed Wishlists for the Holiday

Senior Megan Kurtz and family decorated for the Christmas season (Courtesy Photo)

By Hayley Rea--Eagle Staff Writer

This Christmas was unlike any other because of the Coronavirus; however, many students on campus like Megan Kurtz, Ryan Mollin, and Evan Patterson still found joy in their wish lists.

“I do automotive detailing, so I’m looking to get a new polishing machine for paint correction (and) wax jobs,” senior Patterson recalled about the gift he hoped for.

Because some people have trouble coming up with gift ideas, Aaliyah Liles, senior, provided insight for present ideas.

“When it comes to girls, I think everyone really overthinks their gifts; however, girls really appreciate little things and comfort items,” Liles explained.

However, not everyone had a traditional list with material Christmas gifts this year.

“My favorite gifts to ask for are dates! I hate getting a bunch of stuff that I don’t have room for, so I get to do things like go out to eat or just a fun experience with the person,” said Megan Kurtz, senior, about her unique wishlist requests.

Evan Patterson stops for a picture during holiday festivities (Courtesy Photo)

Although many people spent much of their time finding items to fill their Christmas lists, others didn't ask for any special gifts this season.

“I don’t have a list this year. Honestly what I really want is for COVID-19 to go away and hopefully we can all go back to normal,” senior Nicole Kingery commented about her hopes for the world.

Each student’s wish list is a reflection of their unique interests and characteristics during a season of giving and receiving.

“This year, there is not much that I want or am asking for, but I have asked for a few books like Shelter by Kevin Tyler Norman, thrifted clothing or gift cards to second hand shops, and a faux leather bracelet,” explained Ryan Mollin, senior.

Not everyone’s wish list consisted of big, luxurious items either. Some students expressed interest in small, common items as presents.

“One of my personal favorite things to receive is graphic socks,” Liles explained about her ideal gift.

Every Christmas season, there seems to be one popular gift that everybody collectively hopes to find under the tree, so some students on campus made their own predictions about what others received.

“I think things like AirPods and subscriptions to streaming services [were] popular this year,” guessed Kurtz.

According to USA Today, the most popular gifts this year were things like streaming service subscriptions, Airpods Pro, and other popular electronics.

“We’ve spent the entire year testing products to see what's actually worth the money, covering everything from vacuums to reusable straws. Not only that, but we've closely monitored shopping trends, as well, and have great insight on what gifts [were] the most popular this season, from streaming subscriptions to Apple AirPods to cast iron skillets,” Courtney Campbell, author of the USA Today article, wrote.

Even though this Christmas season was different from the rest, giving and receiving gifts and recognizing the thought behind them still seems to be in fashion.

“I love the idea that someone saw (the gift) and was like, ‘Hey, this reminds me of her’,” concluded Liles.

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