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A Kinder Campus Made by Michael Booe

From left to right: Post-graduates Michael Booe and Jordan Law are best friends who enjoy spending their school days together, listening to music and hanging out. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Editor

While some students may take Biology in 103 Law, Statistics in 132 Ramsey, or Spanish in 158 Tech B, a small group of Eagles spend their days learning in 180 Tech C or 212 Law as part of the special education program. While they might not be as visible on campus , their friendliness and positive energy flow into every hallway of Franklin County High School.

One of these students is Michael Booe.

“I like math, English, science, social studies, [and] P.E. I am good at math. I add and subtract and multiply, but I’m not very good at division,” Booe shares. “[At school I] help out people, work hard on stuff, have fun. I like school.”

Although Booe graduated last year, he still learns on campus through the post-graduation program.

“Michael is currently a post-grad student here at FCHS,” teacher Emily Messenger explains. “Students that earn an applied studies diploma are eligible to return for services until the age of 21 years old. Michael likes to participate in group discussions and small group work. [He] does well with hands-on tasks and works hard at what is being asked of him. Michael enjoys coming to school, being social with everyone, and provides positives to most everyone he talks with.”

Booe appears to have many friends on campus who he talks to daily.

“At lunch, I talk to Holli [Tyree] about everything. She’s nice,” Booe comments. “Jordan [Law] is my best friend. We have really good memories! We usually have a lot of fun and I always usually watch YouTube with him. He always puts something funny on YouTube.”

Law reportedly first became friends with Booe because he enjoyed his personality.

“We fist bump, make jokes, [and] have fun. I like to see how he acts. He likes to be nice to everyone. He likes waving, giving fist bumps, saying 'hi,'” Law says.

Booe doesn’t just socialize with those he has classes with, however. In fact, most students on campus have had positive interactions with Michael, whether it be a smile in the cafeteria, a high five on the bus lot, or just being asked how their day is going.

“It makes me feel very great when people say 'hey,'” Booe explains, “I like to talk to them.”

Messenger has noticed that these interactions always brighten Booe’s day.

“I think that socialization and being recognized by his peers helps his (and their) overall demeanor. We all can be frustrated at times and if someone takes the time to stop and say ‘hi,’ it could mean a lot to anyone,” she shares. “Michael just wants everyone to be happy and socialize while having fun. Michael has said on numerous occasions, just having fun is the best part of his day.”

Outside of school, Booe is just as outgoing and willing to help others.

“Helping people work makes everyone feel good. I usually plant flowers with my grandma all the time, and bushes. We also grow cherries and apples. My favorite part about myself is when I have something to do. When I’m cook[ing], tak[ing] care of my brother, mowing the grass, watch[ing] TV, and playing games with my sister,” he says. “I try and do what I need [to] so things get done.”

Speaking of playing games, Booe is a fan of all games, both online and with cards.

“I play Guitar Hero, Rock Band, poker, go fish, all the card games, board games, and video games. I’m a gamer,” Booe elaborates. “I usually play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch. There's 42 characters. I like Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toad, [and] Toadette. The toadstool bomb shells that drop on you and make you do a 360 flip are so cool! When I lose I’m just like ‘forget it’ but when I win it’s amazing.”

While he’s gaming or just going about his day, Booe can apparently often be found listening to ACDC, Guns-n-Roses, Metallica, Nirvana, and Judas Priest.

“I just like metal because I get to headbang,” Booe shares while making hand horns.

Another one of Booe’s major interests is wrestling. He reportedly watches WWE often and is a fan of the group Judgement Day.

“I’m dreaming about being their fifth member with Finn Bower, Damien Priest, Dominik Mysterio, [and] Ria Ripley, but I also want to be the fourth member of D-Generation X so I’ll be busy,” he says. “I want to be a wrestler when I get older in my 20s or 30s. I would like to do a triple-threat match and wrestle against Coach [Jamie] Wright. I think I could annihilate him."

Booe invited Law to join his wrestling group, but Law declined, saying he will just cheer him on.

As one can see, Booe has big dreams for his future, all of which (except for wrestling) involve helping people.

“I want to get a job and pay bills and make money, all of that stuff,” he aspires. “I want to work in a restaurant and greet people.”

Messenger has also heard plenty about Booe’s career aspirations.

“Michael has discussed being able to work in a supportive employment environment where he would be able to help people and keep those special social skills intact,” she says.

After knowing Booe for several years, Messenger seems confident that he will succeed.

“Michael amazes me at what he can accomplish and work for on a daily basis. Michael does not let his disability stand in his way of being who he is. Michael is a caring person and is kind to his peers who enjoy his company. [I wish people knew] what an amazing young man he is and he is full of life and character,” she concludes.

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