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A Step Toward Adulthood--Student Drivers Ease Anxiety Through Drivers Ed Class

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

By Wesley Ward--Eagle Staff Writer

One of the high points of sophomore year is knowing that a driver's license is just around the corner. First however comes Drivers' Ed.

Drivers' Education is a class for 10th graders that goes along with their physical education course. “It prepares students for their learner's [permit test] by teaching them the proper ways, techniques, what to do in a situation, and laws," Ryan Hudgins, Drivers' Ed teacher and Behind-the-Wheel instructor, summarized.

Most students take their learner's permit during or after completing this class, so future drivers shouldn't be stressed about whether or not they'll pass. Drivers' Ed goes over all the information students will need.

“As long as you pay attention and put effort into the class, you will learn everything you need to know for your learner's," Hudgins reassured.

Junior Kevin Compton recently went through Drivers' Education and received his learner's permit. He seconded Hudgins' opinion.

"The test is about everything you learned in Drivers' Ed so as long as you pay attention during the course you'll be fine for your learner's test," Compton commented.

Not all course content shows up on the test, but even untested content is useful, according to Compton. “All the information you obtain during the course is important even if you are not tested on it." Untested content focuses less on driving law and more on helping students drive better and more safely.

However, Drivers' Ed is only covers the bookwork portion of driving education; there's still actual driving practice that's needed. “There are misconceptions because [Drivers' Ed] is teaching [students] the rules and laws of driving but not actually driving unless they take Behind-the-Wheel," explained Drivers' Ed Teacher Aaron Haigler. "Behind-the-Wheel is a program where you, another student, and a driving instructor are put in a car and one student drives somewhere and the other student drives back."

During this 14 session course, the instructor is making comments and instructing student drivers on what to do to ensure they keep everyone safe but learn in the process.

Behind-the-Wheel is required for students under age 18 as part of getting their license. It is offered through FCHS, but students can take it through a private company if they'd prefer. Many, however, take advantage of learning to drive with the same people who prepared them for their learner's test.

Once Eagles pass their learner's test and gain some driving experience, they can receive extra guidance and take their driving test through the school, as well.

Students interested in signing up for Behind-the-Wheel or taking their learner's test through the school should speak with a Drivers' Ed teacher or stop by Student Services.

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