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A Swing and A Miss--Softball Team Takes On The Diamond

By Morgan Lietz--Eagle Staff Writer

Call em' butter, because they're on a roll!

The first softball game of the season was won by a landslide. In their first game, they won 23-1 in just 5 innings against William Fleming on their home field.

“We were really consistent the entire game. We scored in 3 of the 4 innings we played and did a great job of piecing together hits and runners on base,” Rachel Guilliams, Assistant Coach, stated.

Senior Baylee Greer steps up to bat. (Courtesy photo)

The girls seemed ecstatic to be back on the field. They were unable to have a season last year due to the pandemic, so they were ready to give it their all.

“They were extremely excited to be back on the field after not getting to have a season last year, and this was a great way to open up the season," Guilliams exclaimed.

There were quite a few star players according to Guilliams, such as junior Anna Smith.

This is Smith’s third year on Varsity. She struck out a total of nine players and pitched all five innings.

“I was happy I still had my stamina to finish a game since we didn't play last year,” Smith stated.

Another honorable mention was senior Baylee Greer, who is celebrating her fourth year on Varsity. Greer went 4-4 and accumulated a total of five RBIs this game.

“I felt like I really did my part to come to the field and play as a team,” she added.

First-year Varsity player Ashleigh Dillon, junior, went 4-4 this game as well.

It appeared that from this game forward, the girls lost their feelings of pride.

"While this was a tough loss and a bit of a setback for the team, there was a lot to be learned from this game," stated Guilliams

FC had their second softball game on April 29 at Northside where they lost 0-5.

“We are going to work on staying more focused on the game and trying to have a bit more fun!” Guilliams said.

According to Guilliams along with some shortcomings, there were also some outstanding plays made during the game.

There were only two hits made the entire game on behalf of the Lady Eagles. Those two hits were from Smith and Greer.

“I have been working a lot on hitting over the years, and knowing I did that made me proud,” Greer replied.

In addition to Greer and Smith, Courtney Bryant and Kaylee Manning also made some game-changing plays. (insert grades of Bryant and Manning)

Bryant prevented a possible home run with an outstanding catch from the outfield.

Manning pitched her way out of several difficult innings with runners on base.

“We're still trying to get back into the swing of things and this was a tough loss,” stated Guilliams.

Guilliams sees this as an amazing opportunity for growth and hopes to teach her girls to have more fun while playing and help them maintain better focus.

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