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A Switch That Changed Everything: "The Princess Switch" Movie Review

By:Isha Patel--Eagle Staff Writer

Fiona, Margeret, and Stacy all in one. (Photo Used Under the Fair Use Provision of the US Copyright Code)

Are you on a hunt for a good Christmas movie to enjoy while on break? Well, "The Princess Switch" is just the one. "The Princess Switch" is a very Christmasy movie that stars Vanessa Hudgens. It has romance, comedy, and plot twists. While watching this movie you’ll feel a rollercoaster of emotions but it’ll also get you into the Christmas spirit you might need.

"The Princess Switch" is a trilogy about two girls, Stacy De Novo and Margeret De LaCourt who are completely different in terms of personality. De Novo is quite uptight, mature, and organized. De Lacourt on the other hand is ambitious, outgoing, and always looking for an adventure. The trilogy showcases different conflicts, and how friendship, family, and love manage to solve every problem.

De Novo runs a bakery in Chicago and is recovering from a break-up with her boyfriend Paul when her best friend Kevin enters them in the 50th Annual Baking Competition in Belgravia. She takes on this opportunity to have a fresh start. Meanwhile De LaCourt is the Duchess of Montenero and soon-to-be wife of Prince Edward of Belgravia. She is unsure about this marriage and isn't exactly looking forward to it.

Both characters run into each other at the baking competition and figure out they look alike. They make a crazy plan to switch for a few days and see what life is like in each other’s shoes. In this switch, they experience some chaos, fun, joy, and a little bit of romance. In the end, when they switch back they discover something they never saw coming. This movie also contains a suspense element, a man who appears everywhere and says and does things that make it sound like he knows what each character's future is.

Alongside the elements in this movie, I love that this movie depicts the fact that love is love; it doesn’t matter if the person you love is or isn’t up to others' standards. If two people love each other, just let them. It also contains the sad reality of family pressure and not being able to do what your family might want you to do. Margeret is under pressure to marry someone she doesn’t want because she feels as if she won’t be accepted by society and her family if she doesn’t marry Prince Edward. Stacy feels the pressure to change herself for others to like and love her; after Paul, she feels as if no one could enter her life and be her “prince”.

Although the first movie is very good, the second and third movies are even better. The second movie is called "The Princess Switch: Switched Again." It is mainly centered around Margeret, who’s battling some life decisions and facing some hardships trying to balance her love and royal life. Another look-alike is introduced in this movie: Fiona Pembrooke, who’s Margeret's closest cousin. While De Novo and De LaCourt have planned their switch, Pembrooke adds her own twist (and craziness) to it. In the end, the look-alikes once again bring a happily-ever-after Christmas to everyone.

The last movie in the trilogy is called "The Princess Switch: Romancing The Star." In my opinion, it wraps up the whole story. The conflict this time revolves around a special star that's supposed to go on the Montenero Christmas Tree but at the last minute, it has been stolen. All the characters, even Pembrooke, work together to bring it back before the lighting. Obviously, there are switches, but not just one this time. New characters are introduced who bring different dimensions to the story and Pembrooke constantly battles with her emotions and has major character development.

The main conflict in this movie surprisingly causes all the distant characters to come closer. This movie brought tears to my eyes, it was just so good. The mysterious man mentioned in the first movie still manages to appear in the next two movies, working his magic whenever it’s most needed.

The actors all did a phenomenal job playing their roles, but Vanessa Hudgens stole the show. She does an amazing job playing Stacy, Margeret, and Fiona in all three movies - three different characters with different personalities. The storyline was also excellent in each movie. Each movie has something different going on, and there are different themes and lessons acquired throughout them.

I would recommend these movies to everyone who loves a good Christmas movie. It's just like a fairy tale come true. So grab your popcorn, candy, fuzzy blanket, and watch this trilogy, because once you start, you're hooked.

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