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All For Books and Books For All--Fiction Addiction Book Club Bonds Book Worms

From left to right: Seniors Dalena Sherr and Olivia Dow, Freshman Alana Warren, and Librarians Nicole Held and Megan Sawyers reveal their chosen story: Scythe by Neal Shusterman. (Photo by Chloe Coleman)

By Chloe Coleman--Eagle Staff Writer

In the library, a club meets. Students sit in a circle, hunched over pages of writing, discussing the secrets within. Anyone can join this group, but they’re still a mystery.

Who are they? The Fiction Addiction book club!

Fiction Addiction is a club with history. It has been offered for four years here, but when COVID-19 paused school in 2020, club members had to pause their academic lives, along with their meetings. Now that everyone is back in the classroom, they’re meeting again.

“We are so excited to offer [the club] again,“ exclaimed Librarian Megan Sawyers who runs the book club.

Members of the club decide what books they will read and from what genres - as long as it’s fiction. Sawyers explained that the club has been enjoying Sci-Fi and Fantasy books recently. In the fall, they read mystery and horror genres.

“We’ll read anything,” Sawyers admitted.

During club meetings, members eat snacks and talk about the book they’ve just finished. They’ve also played book trivia for prizes.

“Meetings are super chill,” Sawyers added.

Fiction Addiction meets in the library biweekly during activity period. (Photo by Chloe Coleman)

Students and librarians alike agree book clubs, especially Fiction Addiction, are important, as they believe every reader needs a place to go and discuss what they love with like minded people.

“Readers naturally love to talk about books they’ve read and it’s even more fun to talk to others that have read the same books! Everyone has a different experience while reading,” Sawyers said.

Freshman Alana Warren couldn’t agree more; she joined the book club last semester.

“I love reading! It makes me have imagination where I can just go out and explore the world with my own thoughts," she shared. "The reason why I joined [Fiction Addiction] was that I thought of making new friends and reading some interesting stories."

Warren went on to describe some of the additional benefits Fiction Addiction has given her.

“It brought me imagination, friendships, creativity, and intelligence,” she explained.

Anyone interested in books or meeting others who enjoy reading is encouraged by all club members to join in. The next chosen book is posted in the display case outside of the library. Interested students simply need to go to the library, sign up, check out the book, and start reading!

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