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Amazing Atlanta Aquarium -- Photo Collage

By Lily Lovette--Eagle Staff Writer

The Atlanta Georgia Aquarium is well known as the largest aquarium in the United States. It features a very diverse aquatic community with exhibits that hold up to 6.3 million gallons. It is most well known for its Whale Shark exhibit, as it is the only place in the United States to house a Whale Shark. I had the opportunity of visiting over spring break and these are the sights I captured along the way.

Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Photo by Lily Lovette)

A stingray making its way around with its fish friends. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

A sea lion slides along. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

A funny little clownfish; will he find his son? (Photo by Lily Lovette)
This Fire Eel is blazing a trail. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

A Weedy Sea Dragon admiring its reflection. (Photo by Lily Lovette)
Moon Jelly lighting up the night. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

A hammerhead shark showing a not so intimidating smile. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

An Albino Alligator up on deck. (Photo taken by Lily Lovette)
White Spotted Jellyfish floating about. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

This African Penguin knows how to pose for a picture. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Last, but not least, the famously known Whale Shark made its appearance. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

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