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Back on Air--Plaster Welcomed as New TV Production Teacher

Kevin Plaster using the Tri-Caster to prepare for the Morning Show (Photo by Ethan Hoffman).

By Ethan Hoffman--Eagle Staff Writer

For the past 17 years, the FCHS TV Program has been led by Ken Kilinski, but now, there’s a new sheriff in town, as Kevin Plaster has taken over the TV Program.

Plaster is not a stranger to the television world; in fact, he’s been in the business for over 20 years.

“I’ve worked in Television for 22 years,” Plaster started. “I worked at the Fox station in Roanoke, then for Patrick and Henry Community College, and then back to Fox after that.”

Plaster decided to leave the FOX scene for a change of pace and different opportunities.

“..It feels nice to feel like I am making more of a contribution to society here,” he shared. “This position came open and I felt like it was something I could do and enjoy so I went for it.”

Plaster’s connection with the former TV teacher, Ken Kilinski has helped him adjust well to his new role.

“I had been working with Ken on the High School Football Game Of The Week for the last four or five years…he is helping me to get into the swing of things.”

The morning show is the first thing many people see in the morning, and Plaster still has high hopes for the production now that it’s under his control.

“I feel like, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Hopefully, anything added will only improve on what is already an excellent morning show,” Plaster said.

Even with his confidence, the morning show has had its technical issue throughout the first few weeks of school.

“If I could change anything it would be more consistency without so many technical issues,” Plaster commented. “The equipment has been a little challenging as I don't have a ton of experience with the TriCaster, but the students have really helped me with that… As I get more comfortable in this position I am sure the program will reflect that.”

From a student's perspective, Plaster gives an extra spark to the morning show. Senior Bryce Higley has been on the TV Production staff since his sophomore year and has high praise for Plaster.

“[His] type of TV experience and advice when it comes to video creation and editing helps us a lot,” Higley shared.

It seems FCHS hit a home run with Plaster, as students and faculty around are reportedly excited to see what he does to better the overall TV Production experience and the Morning Show.

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