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Back to Basics--FCPS Updates and Reenforces Dress Code

If students get dress coded, alternate shirts are available in Rebecca Rogers' office (Tech A) and Samantha Strong's office (Student Services). (Photo by Vivien Mitchell)

By Muna Seagle--Eagle Staff Writer

With school starting again and Covid restrictions leaving, life on campus is returning to normal. Dress code is becoming a priority again, with updated regulations and restrictions. Many students have questions about these new directives being put in place. They’re not the only ones with questions, either. Teachers and administrators are caught in the crosshairs as well.

This dress code includes restrictions on the length of shorts, skirts, and dresses. The straps must be a certain length while also covering the entire torso even when arms are lifted.

Many female students often feel that they are scrutinized by administrators and teachers for their clothing more than male students.

“I see both and I address both…It’s pretty clear cut for all students,” Rebecca Rogers, Tech Building administrator, responded. “[Shirt] straps have to be so [long], no belly showing, shorts have to be so [long].”

Campus principal Jon Crutchfield agreed, to a point.

“I hope we enforce the dress code consistently across the board, but the arguments I’ve heard - I’m not saying there’s any unfairness - but what I hear from is it’s mostly girls that are getting caught. Although there was a guy in the office this morning for dress code violation” he added.

Another concern is that enforcing the dress code puts teachers, especially male teachers, in uncomfortable situations.

“I think it creates uncomfortable situations for male and female teachers,” Crutchfield admitted, "We didn’t go to college to be dress code police, we went to be teachers.…but this is a division dress code. So not a Franklin County High School dress code, Jon Crutchfield didn't create the dress code, but our staff is charged with enforcing it. So yes, it does create some uncomfortable times.”

The administration has created is a solution to this awkward encounter, though.

“We’ve told all of our staff to just simply say, ‘You’re not meeting dress code,’’ Rogers explained. “You don’t have to go into what's being shown, what’s being exposed. You can simply say ‘You’re not meeting dress code, go to the office.’”

Despite all of these things, many students are still unhappy and are making their voices heard. CLICK HERE to read what fellow Eagles believe.

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