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Brooklyn's Broadway Dreams: A Journey of Passion and Performance

by Quinn Goransson

FCHS junior Brooklyn Sigmon is a talented theater enthusiast who shines on and off the stage. She captivates audiences with her incredible acting skills and brings characters to life with her passion and dedication. Let’s highlight her journey and achievements in the world of theater!

Brooklyn’s interest in theater was sparked at a young age when she attended her first live performance. She grew up as a performer, loving the chance to take people's breath away with her talent and enthusiasm.

“I’ve always been a performative child. I love to sing, I love to dance, and I love to act. So it was just natural for me and when I decided to start it, I was super into performing,” Sigmon explains.

Sigmon smiles for the camera in "The Putnam County Spelling Bee." (Courtesy photo)

She was a part of Ferrum College's play "No, No, A Million Times No! (Only a Farmers Daughter)." Sigmon expressed that it was such a thrill to audition for a college production and then land the leading part she was dreaming for.

“It was super exciting, especially since I was the lead. It was so crazy to go to a college and audition for something and then boom! I got the part,” Sigmon describes.

As a part of the cast of the FCHS play "The Putnam County Spelling Bee", Brooklyn poured her heart and soul into her performance. The countless hours of her rehearsals and hard work paid off when she successfully completed the play.

Sigmon says the moment marked not only the end of a production but also a personal milestone. “My proudest moment was finishing up Putnam County. That show was just fantastic and I was so proud to be a part of Franklin County’s theater department. Being able to perform with all my friends and some incredible castmates, It was a very proud moment when I finally finished the show and I could look back and see how wonderful it was.”

One of Brooklyn’s most cherished memories from her one-act performance last year, ‘Tracks,’ was the costume she wore. The outfit reflected the essence of her character and added an extra layer of charm to her performance. Brooklyn loved how the costume reflected the character’s personality of a “moody, teenage girl.”My favorite costume was probably the one from "Tracks ", our one act last year. It was like an outfit I would wear; it was so cute,” says Sigmon.

Brooklyn has big dreams for her theater journey. Hopefully, I want to go to Broadway, that’s my main goal to be in at least one Broadway show,” Brooklyn states. She envisions herself stepping onto that iconic stage, captivating audiences with her talent and passion.

Listening to Sigmon describe her theater experiences reveals her dedication, talent, and attention to detail that make her well-equipped for success in the performing arts. Overall, it appears that Sigmon’s journey in theater has only just begun.

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