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Club Spotlight: What is Skills USA?

A Skills USA banner is hung in West to Campus to mark the club's campus presence. (Photo by Wesley Ward)

By Wesley Ward--Eagle Staff Writer

Skills USA: is that about robotics? Politics? Technology? Is it a group thing? Many Eagles find themselves pondering these questions when considering what club to join.

So, what is it?

“(Skills USA) is an opportunity for kids to do things they may have never done before," campus club president and teacher Ken Kilinski began.

Specifically, Skills USA offers students the opportunity to learn career skills, take part in social and competitive events, and expose them to new experiences. According to the Skills USA website, the organization “empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.”

Some may be questioning what this means for students here.

Skills USA offers clubs for Trade and Industrial Education students. It also gives all the power and responsibility to the students to accomplish goals and take part in competitive events.

When a group does well at a Skills USA competition, they receive a corresponding banner. (Photo by Wesley Ward)

“Skills USA is run by students for students”," Kilinski added.

Skills USA's many clubs offer new and unexpected opportunities for a number of students. Some even occur outside the competitions.

“We had a competitive event at VA Beach and this was some of the kids' first time being at a beach, so at 1AM the sponsors took kids out on the beach because they couldn’t wait any longer to be on the beach," Kilinski shared.

These instances are common through Skills USA.

“Very early one morning we were heading back to the hotel and we passed a club playing music and the kids wanted to stop and enjoy the music but the club was adults only at that point so the kids sat outside the building listening through the open doors and windows," Kilinski recalled.

Students interested in being a part of one of Skills USA's clubs should contact Kilinski for more information.

“Skills USA is overall a club that brings fun and competitive events, new skills and opportunities they may never have again," he encouraged.

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