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Covid Doesn't Dampen Spirit Week

Compiled by Staff

Homecoming Spirit Week is a long-held tradition here, and with the hopscotching of athletics schedules this year, folks around campus wondered whether the annual dress-up days would be a go or not.

"We didn't even know we were going to actually get to have a Spirit Week until the Tuesday before when we emailed administration to ask about Homecoming," said Marsha Lopez, Cheer Coach. "That's why we tried to make the days we picked easy things that people would already have in their closets at home."

The Spirit Days in order were Country Camo Day, College Day, Pajama Day, Throwback Thursday. The week was capped off with the traditional Red and White Day.

Lopez also said that participation was down a but this year, but she attributed that to the on-going pandemic and the school environment due to it.

"Overall I think it went well considering the circumstances. The people who did participate had lots of fun, however, and that's what matters!" she said.

Because of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the spirit crew was able to get the word out.

"It wasn't difficult because with social media, it's very easy to promote things like Spirit Week,"Lopez said. We also have so many amazing Eagles who really get into it and spread their spirit and enthusiasm around the school to make even more people want to show their Eagle pride! We really appreciate everyone who participated and dressed up! It was fun to see so many people smiling behind those masks :)"

Please enjoy the photos below of Spirit Week. (Courtesy photos)

Country Camo Day

College Day

Pajama Day

Throwback Thursday

Red and White Day

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