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Diving Into Swim--A New Season Begins Swimmingly

Franklin County Swim and Dive team is off to a strong start this season. (Courtesy Photo)

By Patrick Trent -- Eagle Staff Writer

As the swim team dove into a new season, they have already noticed key improvements in the team and the culture as a whole. Their record is 9-11 with the boys team placing first seven times and the girls winning twice.

The team believes they have greatly improved their play overall compared to the season they had last year.

“This year has blown last year out of the water, literally,” sophomore Isaac Anderson, who started swimming last year, stated.

Swimmers, including Ella Stump, have seen key improvements in their individual performance.

“I would always dive in wrong to where I dove in straight down [as] opposed out and so my goggles would always fall off," the swimmer of 11 years explained. There would not be a single meet where my goggles wouldn’t fall off at least once but I still kept going and I worked on it and now it’s more rare for my goggles to fall off.”

They also have some new faces on the team, such as head coach Kameron Kitts, who has been involved with swimming all of his life. He competed for the Tinkerville Swim Club in Daleville, VA for about six years and coached the YMCA Riptides for nine years.

With his new position comes new responsibilities and challenges, one being coaching his daughter.

“It can be challenging at times. I think over the years we have been able to work on that dynamic more," the father and coach commented. "Being able to utilize other coaches has been a help too.”

The team has a very tight-knit culture where friendships can be made and reborn.

“I bonded with the entire team… I also rekindled a friendship with a girl I used to do cheer with," Stump shared.

The team practices four times a week for two hours at the YMCA. For more information on how to join, email Kameron Kitts.

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