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Don't Stop Me Now--Haven Mullins Juggles School and Sports To Follow His Dreams

Sophomore Haven Mullins prepares to catch the ball during a game. (Courtesy Photo)

By Jaelin Lomax and Ethan Hoffman--Eagle Staff Writers

Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Kyler Murray, Tim Tebow. All of these athletes have one thing in common: being exceptional two-sport athletes. Franklin County High School has, had, and will have plenty of exceptional athletes in this same boat, including sophomore Haven Mullins.

In the fall, Mullins plays linebacker and wide receiver as number 8 for the Varsity football team. Come winter, he's the power forward and center for the Varsity basketball team, wearing number 34.

“It’s been about 9 years now [since I began playing two sports],” Mullins commented.

He said he's able to keep this busy schedule up because of his height, speed, and strength, some arguably key qualifications necessary to become an exceptional multi-sport athlete.

For most athletes like Mullins, there comes a point in one's career where they have to pick between sports. Some make the decision by the end of high school, some wait until they finish college, and in the case of advanced athletes like Jackson and Sanders, some are lucky enough to play both at the pro level. This is what Mullins hopes to do.

“I couldn’t pick either because I love both sports very much," he added.

According to Mullins, being a two-sport athlete in high school is very difficult. Everyday is packed with practice, watching game film, and multiple hours of excess dedication such as working out, not to mention going to school and completing homework in order to maintain good grades.

“I manage balancing both sports and school because I always make sure my work is done to the best of my ability and I use any free time to get all my important school work done," Mullins explained. “After all my work is done, I get to work on the field or the court.”

With two more years of football and three more years of basketball left, Mullins seems to be more ready than ever to play some ball with his fellow Eagles. From what he's experienced on the field so far, Mullins said he wants even more time than that on the field.

“I plan on playing them at the next level and my goals are to be a starter and become the best player I can be," Mullins anticipated.

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