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Eagle Captains Soar Into Leadership Roles as the Season Goes On

By Ethan Hoffman and Paige Ordway-- Eagle Sports Editor and Staff Writer

As leaves start to grow and temperatures begin to leap, a special set of students bound into new duties as spring sports captains.

Sophia LaBrake, senior, is one of two captains for girls’ soccer this season. LaBrake has been playing soccer through the school since her 7th grade year, but this season will be LaBrake’s first season in the leadership role. “After playing with the school team for so long, to become captain my senior year is super exciting, and I couldn’t be more happy to be doing it.”

Last season, the FCHS Girl’s Soccer team struggled with a 4-13-1 record but LaBrake hopes her leadership will help the team improve on that record. “I would love for our record to improve this year. I think positive leadership can help us as a team keep a good progressive mindset that’ll bring the wins.”

LaBrake states that her teammates are what drives her to be such a great captain. “Their want and effort to be there every day is what motivates me. I hope to bring to the team positivity in and out of games.”

Her teammates say she's doing just that. “She's always very encouraging. She always sees the good in a situation.” said Outside Defender Zoe Plaster.

While LaBrake commands the pitch, the FCHS Lacrosse program has two senior captains who have led the Eagles for the past few weeks. Bryce Higley and Maggie Ventry were awarded the roles of team captains just a few weeks ago, but both have left their marks on the program.

In particular, Ventry brings her best self onto the field every day according to Defensive Midfielder, Kadance Mills. “She always stays positive no matter what. She always helps the newer players when they’re confused or need tips, and she always goes into games with a positive mindset that we can do this.”

Bryce Higley has been the anchor to the Boys Lacrosse team since before he was an official captain. "I feel like I've been a leader on the team since last year. " (Courtesy Photo)

Both Higley and Ventry stated they have similar strengths as captains, namely their ability to connect with their teammates personally. “I’m able to relate [with my teammates]. I have good relationships with my team. I know the game and can help them,” Higley stated.

Ventry added that she has the ability to tell when her teammates need a pep-talk. “I’m able to read people and tell if they need cheering up or someone to talk to.”

While both Higley and Ventry have similar strengths, both captains have differing viewpoints on what motivates them. Higley declared that the team’s success is what motivates them. “I want to win and see my teammates win. The want for the FC Lacrosse program to succeed drives me.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Ventry takes a more personal approach with her motivations. “I want to help my teammates be the best people they can be. It motivates me to help them become the people I know they are.”

Despite all it takes to be a successful and trustworthy team captain, these three Eagles have made it look easy for their respective seasons and sports.

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