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Eagle Seniors Take On 'Senior' Staff In Annual Basketball Game

By Ethan Hoffman -- Eagle Editor

The middle of March means one thing for sports fans: basketball. Whether it’s the heating-up NBA Regular Season or the global icon that is the NCAA Tournament dubbed March Madness, March has become the month of basketball fever. Naturally, that's when Franklin County High School and the senior Class of 2024 decided to put on the annual Senior vs. Faculty Basketball game. 

In renditions of the game since the COVID-19 Pandemic, attendance for both participants and students has been a bit on the low side. However,this year that was not the case, according to the sponsor of the event, Prentice Sargeant.

The Senior roster consisted of Jayden Boyd Taylor, Haven Mullins, Jack Gillespie, David Kasey, Kendal Mattox, Tucker Harvey, Nino Genova, and Joey Campbell. (Courtesy Photo)

In terms of attendance and participation, we had a ton of great turnout. We had a bunch of students buy tickets to attend, and it was some of the best turnout we've seen since COVID," Sergeant commented. 

Sergeant believes that a part of that increase in participation from students at FCHS was due to a new way of promoting the game compared to previous years.

Instead of just printing flyers or sending out emails, Sergeant and his group of trustees took to social media platforms and the Morning Show to promote the game, while also using some of the old methods that had worked in the past.

“To advertise the game, our class officers advertised the game on social media pages. We also sent announcements to the Morning Show so that at least everyone would hear about the game. We also had Jordan Bernard design a flyer that we posted around the school for students to buy tickets to the game,” Sergeant explained.

The Faculty roster consisted of Mike Rogers, Jamie Wright, Clay Feazell, Zarkia Mattox, Devan Sproles, DeWayne Lewis, Bryce Varner, Trucker Robertson, Bryce Hall, Ryan Hudgins, and LeBryan Patterson (Courtesy Photo)

Promoting the game is just one hurdle that had to be cleared by those tasked with getting the game going. According to Sergeant, there are a lot more logistics involved in putting on the annual event.

“The planning [for the event] started months ago. Mr. Lee and I reached out to

Coach Wright to get the faculty team started. From there, we made sure that our class officers talked up the game to make sure we had plenty of players and tons of interest in attending the game. Thanks to our administration, we had tremendous support as we planned the game out.”

Despite having to deal with the logistics of putting on a basketball game in the middle of a regular school day, Sergeant strongly believes that the game went incredibly well. 

“There weren't any major challenges. Our main worry was to get as many student players as we can. Word of mouth was very helpful in getting as many students to sign up...We had eight great players and two great coaches that took the fight to the faculty.”

By all accounts, the Senior vs. Faculty Basketball game was a success, with all proceeds from the event going to the Class of 2024’s graduation and the rest of this school year’s events.

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