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Eagle Turned Panther- First Female Senior Signs for Soccer

Senior Sayda Rojas-Campbell made her Panther preference official at the signing ceremony on November 9. She was joined by her family and soccer coach. (Courtesy Photo)

By Muna Seagle--Eagle Staff Writer

While most seniors spend weeks to months deciding what college will suit them best, it was never a question for senior Sayda Rojas-Campbell. Her talents in soccer and love for Ferrum College have officially added her to the growing list of senior athletes signing college commitments to continue their athletic careers.

Rojas-Campbell began playing soccer at age 12 as an attacking midfielder and striker. While she already played soccer recreationally, she jumped at the opportunity to play on the high school team as soon as possible.

“When I was a freshman, I was on the varsity team, and I was the only freshman, which was a big deal to me. And I’ve been on varsity since then,” Rojas-Campbell began. “I’ve always been working hard…so I could play at the college level.”

Rojas-Campbell’s dedication has seemingly paid off, as she enters this new era in her life.

Like many athletes her age, nerves come with the new experience that is playing sports in college, but Rojas-Campbell has kept a steady head.

“I’m a little nervous about it but every [member of the Ferrum Women's soccer team] has been through it as a freshman. I’m not worried too much about it because I know some of the girls on the team, and they’re really nice.”

Along with her soccer goals, Rojas-Campbell is just as sure about her academic path as she is about athletics.

“[I am] planning to major in business. I like helping people and I really want to start foundations and organizations that help communities that are going through tough times,” she explained.

Ferrum College is obviously close to home for Rojas-Campbell, which she said is another benefit of becoming a Panther. While her house will be just a few minutes away, her father will be just down the hallway, as he’s a professor at Ferrum.

“At first I was like, ‘Ugh, I don’t want to be near my family, they’re only like 15 minutes away,’ but I also love my family,” Rojas-Campbell added. “Soccer is so involved, and there’s a lot of activities to do at Ferrum so I [may] be too busy to go see them.”

Rojas-Campbell signed with Ferrum College on November 9 but she's certainly not going to be the last to sign. Winter and spring will bring news of more senior athlete college commitments.

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