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Eagles Ready to Leave the Nest and Soar High

By Matthew Smith-Eagle staff writer

After the trial that was COVID-19, the 2024 class is closing in on graduating. Some may be sad, some might be happy, and some might be scared, but one thing is certain: there are mixed feelings as they look back and ahead.

Senior Ella Stump plans to combine her love of science and kids in a career in education. (Courtesy photo)

Ella Stump, senior, says that she is excited about closing this chapter in life but she is also nervous about what comes next. “It's kind of nerve-racking but it is also kind of exciting.”

Stump says that FC was the best place for her and that it helped her become who she is: someone with a passion to serve.

She wants to go to college and get her degree in chemistry and become a chemistry teacher. “I love kids, I love helping kids, and I love science.”

Emory White (senior) has his sights set on a career in special education. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Emory White said he has loved FCHS and will miss it when he graduates. “I loved going here through thick and thin. COVID and online school may have altered the true 'high school experience' but it was still a great time.”

White ultimately wants to become a special education teacher. “I've worked with a lot of kids in my church and I have a passion for it.”

Senior Sydney Holland explained she was lucky that she was able to get friends as good as the ones she's made here at FCHS. “I got pretty lucky to find a group of friends who cared for me and cared for the same things I did.”

Senior Sydney Holland says it's hard to believe a new chapter is about to begin. (Courtesy photo)

Holland feels that the reality of leaving high school has not really struck her yet. “Leaving the high school gives me a feeling of uncertainty. For some reason, despite filling out college applications and scholarships, the reality of graduating high school has still not seeped in.”

Seniors have made their mark at FCHS, especially their class leaders. Prentice Sargent, sponsor for the senior class, says it's one of the best parts of the job. “I love being one of the sponsors for the senior class; we have some terrific officers that want to make the school the best it can be.”

Leading and learning and looking ahead - it's all part of the senior Eagle experience.

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