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Facebook Live Sessions Give Parents a Chance to Ask "Why?"

Superintendent Dr. Bernice Cobbs informs students and families about January's Facebook Life sessions. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Staff Writer

The second semester is fast approaching and many parents still have questions concerning how students will go through their day, but not for long.

For three nights in January, numerous school board and staff members will be speaking with families via Facebook Live.

According to an informational flyer on the Franklin County Public Schools (FCPS) website, the objective of these sessions is to “provide families/community essential information for the Second Semester’s (January 26, 2021) ‘Return to School’ Plan and answer any pressing questions.”

The first meeting took place on Jan. 7 from 5:30-6:30 and discussed bus transportation and safety, COVID, vaccination distribution, school protocols, Saturday opportunities, and free food distribution. Speakers included Jason Guilliams, Nancy Bell, Teresa Brown, Brenda Muse, Heather Snead, and facilitator superintendent Dr. Bernice Cobbs.

On Jan. 14 from 5:30-6:30, another meeting was held featuring speakers Samantha Strong, Elizabeth Wickline, Marcie Altice, and once again Cobbs.

“That entire session is going to be about mental health concerns and what support is provided within the schools and the support that’s provided outside the schools,” Cobbs said in a video on the FCPS website.

The final meeting will be held on Jan. 21 from 5:30-6:30 to discuss how each level, elementary, middle, and high, will operate. Topics include student expectation, SOL information, Canvas support, and the Virtual Academy, and will be discussed by Sue Rogers, Anitra Holland, Jami Clements, Jon Crutchfield, Sherry Lynch, and Cobbs.

“Each person will have 5 minutes to discuss specific information families need to know for the second semester return to school plan. (The) facilitator will allot time for questions and answers,” the flyer stated.

For more information, visit the FCPS website to view the informational flyer and video. If joining these sessions via Facebook Live is not an option, they will be recorded and uploaded on the same site.

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