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Freshman Year--COVID-19 Edition

Freshmen Madison Mcghee, Brittney Brooks, and Charlie Adkins on their first day of high school. (Courtesy Photo)

By Chloe Coleman--Eagle Staff Writer

Freshman year is the kickoff to high school, but this year's freshman class has had an experience like no other.

From cancellations to online schooling and Canvas, the class has dealt with things that no one else dealt with as an incoming high schooler.

Some students, however, don’t think their year has been too bad.

“High School is pretty cool. I was a little nervous at first, but after a few days, I got used to it,” said Madison McGhee, freshman.

Madison is not the only one who thinks high school is less scary than it seems.

“High school is not as bad as I thought. I thought online school was gonna ruin my year, but I still keep my grades up. (Even) going to school two days a week help me still get to see my friends. So, high school is alright,” said Luke Burrows, freshman.

Even though school for them is good for the most part, McGhee still has things she looks forward to.

“I am really looking forward to pep rallies. They seemed like so much fun in the movies, and I hope we can eventually experience them,” she said.

Along with things she looks forward to, there are things she is not particularly excited about.

“I am not ready for exams. In middle school, we did not have to worry about official exams, just SOLS, so another big test like that is nerve wracking,” said McGhee.

A year without Covid would be very different for her.

“Without Covid, I could see my school year looking differently. I could eat in the cafeteria with all of my friends, hang out with upperclassmen and people not in my classes, and hang out around the school in the morning,” she said.

The change from middle school to high school can be big, but Mcghee says it doesn’t bother her as much as she thought it would.

“I was scared that it was going to really impact me. But honestly, the change was for the better. However, I do miss a lot of my teachers and the bonds we had,” she said.

Another student mentioned what he is not going to miss about middle school.

“You get a lot more freedom in high school. In middle school you had to be told what to do more often,” said Logan Forren, freshman.

Even though this year has been crazy, many freshman students have still found ways to enjoy their first year of high school.

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