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Fundraiser Foods-- FCCLA Fundraiser Gives Teachers New Option For Lunch

By Ethan Hoffman-- Eagle Staff Writer

For years, teachers have only been given two options when it comes to eating lunches. They can either pack their own lunch or buy lunch the school provides them. Now, they have been given a brand new third option that allows them to buy tasty lunches while helping raise funds for a campus club.

The Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) have been running a fundraiser for the past several weeks to prepare and sell lunches to teachers in order to make a profit for the FCCLA program. The fundraiser is both for the benefit of students who want to learn how to run a food business and to raise funds for those attending the State Leadership & Recognition Conference in April. “This has been a wonderful fundraiser for FCCLA, but also a great learning opportunity for my FACS students," said Taylor Payne, FACS teacher, and FCCLA sponsor.

According to Payne, the fundraiser has seen an outstanding amount of support from teachers and staff in regards to the fundraiser which is helping them broaden their horizons. “FCHS teachers and staff have been very supportive of the lunches that we have been offering.”

FCHS students enrolled in the Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences class are tasked with creating lunches for teachers. Payne says that her class is making and deciding what meals go out to teachers. “My students play a huge role in making our lunches successful. They take the lead on these lunches, and each has a 'job' that they are expected to complete.” Students inside the fundraiser rotate positions when it comes to making the meals. They switch from cooks, kitchen staff, door staff, runners, prep staff, and wait-for staff.

The Introduction to Family and Consumer Science class preparing their fundraiser meal which consists of two hot dogs, macaroni salad, and a brownie. (Courtesy Photo)

While the students are the ones making the meals, they are also the ones deciding what meals fit the parameters. “We discuss what meals my students think will sell well, are easily made in our allotted time, and are cost-effective.” So far, the fundraiser has served teachers with entrees of chicken wraps, spaghetti, and hot dogs, with sides that range from Garlic Bread to Italian Pasta Salad.

Payne expects students to make all of the lunches that are being offered to teachers. “My students are making around 35-40 lunches for faculty and staff each time that we offer lunch.” The meals being sold are similar to what you see in the cafeteria for regular lunches according to Payne. “Each meal we have prepared so far has been served with an entree, side(s), a dessert, and a drink.”

There is no definitive cost associated with creating the lunches, as different ingredients for different meals have differences in cost. They also have to deal with circumstances unrelated to the food, like needing special utensils and condiments. Besides all that, the fundraiser is still successful, Payne reports. “We are seeing profit each month from these lunches that are helping FCCLA tremendously.”

The program seems to be a win-win for all involved: teachers get an additional lunch option, students get experience with the culinary business, and the club receives much-needed funds to help students follow their dreams.

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