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Game Stop: Newly Seen on Screen

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

By Wesley Ward--Eagle Staff Writer

Since March 2020, video games have become a form of escape for those quarantining at home. Creators and manufacturers of these products have noticed the influx, and are releasing new consoles and games one after another.

Since its release on November 12, 2020, the PS5 has sold 9.75 million units while Xbox Series X and S have sold 5.82 million together. Both go for $500 but the XBox has been more easily obtained then the PS5, which has been constantly in and out out of stock.

A character from "Battlefield 2042" falls out of the sky into the game map. (Photo Used Under the Fair Use Provision of the US Copyright Code)

EA DICE is the team behind the game series “Battlefield” and is now releasing one of their newest games “Battlefield 2042”. This game will host lobbies for up to 128 players. This game brings along new weapons, gadgets, vehicles, features, and new maps. “2042”will not have a campaign or battle royale but will have 3 distinct multiplayer game modes that are stand alone. Betas were released October 6-7.

Sledgehammer Games (a team that works along with other teams to make Activision) has released a test version of the new Call of Duty (COD) “Vanguard”, the 25th installment in the COD series. COD has been a series going strong, bringing in over $11 billion in the entire franchise. This new COD will bring its specialties that separate it from the other CODs such as movement, guns, maps, gadgets, and features. This COD will also merge with the well known "Warzone" made by Infinity Ward. "Vanguard" will surely bring in its fair share of revenue along with two year's worth of content till the next installment of the series comes out.

Rust Console Edition features several maps available for gameplay. (Photo Used Under the Fair Use Provision of the US Copyright Code)

"Rust - Console Edition" is a game that is on PC but recently came out on console. Its launch has brought its fair share of bugs and problems but fun and good moments with friends, too. "Rust" is a 1st person, open world, hardcore game that brings a variety of maps to play on. Each map has its own unique features. :"Rust" has a feature called proximity chat that mimics real-life audio volume so that as other players get closer to you in the game, you get louder to them. This game provides 100 player servers on console with its unique features. This game continues to update to fix these bugs and problems to make this a fun and enjoyable game. They are now making a testing server which is a completely different application you need to install to get. Anyone who preordered the deluxe or ultimate edition gets free.

"Dying Light 2" is a co-op campaign game that can be played up to with 3 friends and is a parkour survival game against zombies and different groups of people in the game. This game is the sequel to "Dying Light" which was enjoyed by most including myself. It has been long awaited by people who enjoyed "Dying Light" and its DLC "Dying Light: The Following". This game will feature a different map, weapons, characters, ways of getting around the map, and more.

These games, along with their respective consoles, are bound to provide hours of entertainment while playing solo or with sidekicks. Happy gaming!

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