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Her Majesty: Craighead Named 2023 HOCO Queen

By Joella Brooks -- Eagle Staff writer

Homecoming King and Queen David Kasey and ZaN'ya Craighead. (Courtesy Photo)

October brought the Homecoming Game and with it, the naming of the 2023 Homecoming Queen. This year's queen was senior ZaN'ya Craighead. We caught up with ZaN'ya to get the inside scoop on her big night.

Craighead began by saying how honored she felt to be nominated because this year students were not allowed to campaign for Homecoming Court. Students had to be nominated by their class in recognition of their qualities as a role model and leader. Each class tried to nominate a candidate who is kind, caring, and outgoing. Craighead believes this is why the senior class nominated her. "I try to interact with everybody," she explained.

After being nominated, Craighead put a lot of work into getting ready for the big night. "I got my nails done and I got my dress [at the] very last minute. I ended up wearing my friend Sophia's dress," she shared.

Kacey Holland (senior) and ZaN'ya Craighead (senior) celebrate being HOCO royalty. (Courtesy Photo)

It was all worth it to hear her name announced as Homecoming Queen. "I just couldn't stop smiling I was so happy." Craighead explained that her joy wasn't just for herself, however. "I was so happy for friend Talaya Holland got Princess... I was just so happy!"

Craighead says being on Homecoming Court doesn't really change or affect a person - it just reminds them to continue to be their best. "It really didn't affect me. It just taught me to continue to be nice to everyone." It's advice Craighead thinks others should keep in mind as well, whether they're HOCO royalty or not. "Always be nice to everyone and include everyone. Never leave anyone out."

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