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Water Fountains Everywhere, But Not A Drop to Drink--Hospital Donates Water to Schools

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital Operating Room Staff, winners of the Water Challenge, stand beside their donations and await loading their contributions. (Courtesy Photo)
Jason Guilliams, Director of Operations for FCPS, opens thee bus door to allow for loading as Tracy McCown, Senior Director of Nursing, and ICU Director Amanda Robertson wait to begin loading water bottles on the school bus. (Courtesy Photo)

By Caitlyn Kiser--Eagle Staff Writer

This year, Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital held an event they have never hosted: a “Water Fight”.

The goal of this event was to provide water for the Franklin County Public School system because CFMH knew that Covid-19 regulations forced schools to close regularly functioning water fountains. 

Henry Patterson awaits a palette of water cases as a forklift inches toward the truck. (Courtesy Photo)

“We usually do a backpack program for the schools, but because they can’t use the fountains, we decided to donate water, and with knowing prices would be high we made it a competition between the different departments,” Carl Cline, Vice President of the hospital said.

The idea was released to the staff in a memo and on the hospital website, and the employees took it a step further by posting on their own Facebook pages in hopes of gathering more support. 

“Nobody took it seriously until the OR (operating room) donated 50 cases. Everyone got very excited and competitive after that, especially the OR,” said Edythe Hooper, RN Clinical Team Leader at Franklin Memorial.

The hospital raised 1,059 cases of water and 25,419 bottles total, which are being stored for future use in a warehouse. 

From fight, front to back: Mark Kaldahl, Facilities Director; Tracy McGown, Senior Director of Nursing; and Crystal Kiser, Director of Surgical Services and Infusion Center form a human supply chain to get cases of water out fo the building. (Courtesy Photo)

“The OR knew they would win because they were keeping up with how many the other departments were bringing and having their spouses pick up more until the last minute. You could say the OR played dirty in a good way,” said Katina Clements, Administrative Coordinator for the OR.

“I'm very appreciative of Carilion Franklin Memorial and their efforts to provide water for our students and staff. We've always had a great partnership with Carilion, and this effort exemplifies how Carilion employees really care about the community where they work and live,” remarked Dr. Mark Church, Franklin County Public Schools Superintendent.

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