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Indoor Track Team Provides For Family In Need

Juniors Kylie Cooper (left) and Addie Shorter (right) bring donations for their community service project. (Courtesy Photo)

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Assistant Editor

Due to the progression of the coronavirus, some households have become a safe place, an escape. So, imagine what it would be like to have that and all other belongings stripped away. With no place to call home, where does one go next?

Right before Christmas, a Franklin County family lost its home to a fire. When the indoor track team got word of this, it came up with a plan to help this family back on its feet.

“I put myself in their shoes for a moment and couldn't imagine what they were going through. They had just lost years and years of memories and everything they had but the clothes on their backs,” shared Track Coach Chris Renick.

The team got to work and began collecting clothes, food, money, and other necessities to deliver to the family.

Junior Angelina Spade carries her clothing donations to the collection center. (Courtesy Photo)

“We had a whole day of collecting, a few days before Christmas, had a whole truck load of items, and raised over $1000.00 dollars,” Renick explained. “[We were] praying to let these items be useful in some way to help the family. I left the collection site that day and delivered everything that was collected.”

The money was raised by collecting donations from the community and from the team itself. Money donations were turned in by track athletes at the same collection site as other items.

“I felt the need to have a collection site, and to collect what we as a Track Team and community could collect and take to them to enjoy a little Christmas and to put some joy back into their lives during that tragic time,” Renick said. “I wanted to show the athletes how we all are truly blessed and what a great community they are a part of and coming together to give back.”

Athletes who took part in this community service project felt the same as Renick, acknowledging the significance of giving back.

Sophomore Trey Dillon also brings a clothing donation. (Courtesy Photo)

“It's important to involve ourselves in community service projects, such as our donation to the…family, to show we care about and for the community. It also gives us a sense of happiness knowing we can help others out,” senior Nicholas Werger commented. “My favorite part is seeing how much of an impact we made and figuring out what we can do better in the future.”

The team plans to continue its community service work so it can help even more people in Franklin County.

“We will be doing another community service project in Outdoor season as well,” Renick shared. “We have done other community service projects in the past [such as] collecting canned foods to give to the soup kitchen and [helping with] the Elementary Track Meet as well.”

Sophomore Natalie Davis says she can’t wait to help out more next season.

“I think it's important to participate in community service projects because it represents the school well, and it helps people. My favorite part of helping out is knowing that we did something good for the community. It was neat to be a part of something like this and I want to experience it again,” she closed with anticipation.


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