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Inside Their Minds--Covid Impacts Upperclassmen and Teachers

Student masks are not required for any student when walking outside during class changes. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

By Dylan Edwards and Chloe White--Eagle Staff Writers

The last couple of years at FCHS have been unprecedented, but some aspects of campus life may be on an upward trend.

Students have returned to school for a full week schedule this year, and it appears to be successful thus far with only one virtual day as of September 13th.

“I’m glad to be back in person,” Junior Kevin Compton shared. “Not having a hybrid schedule anymore makes things less confusing."

Some personal lives were unaffected and remained fine during the course of COVID-19.

“My family was fine and I wasn’t a part of a club after school,” Compton stated. “The whole virtual thing wasn’t a problem for me. Just going back and forth last year was confusing.”

However, things were not easy for everyone.

“I became very unproductive at home last year. I would sleep in super late and never wanted to do any work,” senior Olivia Dow explained. “I had to stop participating in Track and Field, where I was running hurdles, as a result,” she finished.

Olivia had a very rough time coming back to school as well.

“The dividers were very ineffective for the taller people, and my classes’ sanitization spray was extremely sticky.” Olivia continued, “I would rather have it instead of virtual, though,”

However, despite it all, Olivia had a bit of a nice time in virtual schooling.

“Despite my mom being a nurse at Carillion, I was able to bond more with my family,” Olivia said happily, “and I’m happy I was able to.”

Upperclassmen weren't alone in these trials, as teachers emphasized feeling the same pain.

Psychology Teacher Dustin Hylton poses for a photo. (Photo by Dylan Edwards)

“There was a period where all teachers were asked to work at home,” recalled psychology teacher Dustin Hylton.

Hylton had hardships that didn't stop once he left campus limits.

“I had a kid during the pandemic. That was fun,” Hylton commented. “However, I did lose some family members during the [pandemic]."

Students and teachers alike indicated that recent months had brought new challenges.

“I haven’t been able to see my grandparents since COVID has been around,” senior and virtual student David Patterson expressed.

Many other students have faced challenges during the pandemic, but regardless of what's happened, they believe a glimmer of optimism can make any situation better.

“I feel like this year is just gonna be a repeat of last year, but we got a taste of normal school again and I don't want to lose it," summarized junior Orion Perdue.

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Damian Saint Vincent
Damian Saint Vincent
Sep 24, 2021

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