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Series Review: Julie and the Phantoms

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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By Tameia Mitchell--Eagle Editor

In September, Netflix released an original series titled Julie and the Phantoms. Directed by Kenny Ortega who has directed and choreographed many films such as High School Musical, Dirty Dancing, and Hocus Pocus.

This quirky series tells the heart-warming story of teen Julie Molina finding her way back to music after the passing of her mother.

The story starts in 1995 Hollywood with blaring rock music. The up-and-coming band, Sunset Curve is rehearsing to play its dream gig, The Orpheum. When then band members go to get their usual dinner located in a sketchy alleyway, they receive food poisoning from bad hotdogs. Unfortunately they pass away.

The story picks up in 2020 Los Angeles, with Julie going through a box in her mother’s garage studio. When a CD catches her eye, she plays it, and three of the members poof in. Julie is scared at first but later allows the band to remain in her garage.

The band comes to realize that when they perform with Julie they can be seen by more than just her, by everyone. They decide to start a new band calling themselves Julie and the Phantoms. Julie plays off the boys as holograms.

One day the boys visit The Hollywood Ghost Club, a club for ghosts to perform and have human luxuries. The only living people that attend pay a lot of money to be there. The club is run by Caleb, an ex-magician. Caleb is one of the most powerful ghosts to live. When he realizes that the boys are powerful enough to be seen without his help, he wants them for himself. Caleb asks the boys to join him and perform with his house band all over the world. The boys kindly decline.

Before they leave the club, Caleb places a stamp on their wrist, acting as a curse. The boys have a limited amount of time to decide if they want to join Caleb's house band before they perish into nothingness. The boys learn that if they complete their unfinished business they can cross over to the other side. What is their unfinished business?

This story not only shows friendship, but also shows the healing process of grief. Julie and the Phantoms is a delightful show with playful banter and a great soundtrack!

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