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Lady Eagles 'Kill' It At Regionals

By Tameia Mitchell--Eagle Editor

Lady Eagles served up a victory during the first round of their regional tournament.

“It was an incredible feeling to beat Cosby in such a competitive match. I was very proud of the team going into the tournament as the #4 seed and beating the #1 seed,” said senior Lauren Stone.

The girls took home a win against Cosby 3-2, then advanced to Kellum.

“We didn’t know much about Kellam before we played them, but we knew that they were going to come ready to play and that they have been a successful team in the past,” said senior Taylor Anderson.

Led by Head Coach Kaitlyn Dula, the Eagles advanced to the second round of the Regional Tournament.

“After Cosby I was very excited to play at home vs. Kellum. We had momentum on our side so I expected a great match,” added Dula.

The ladies said they have worked hard to get to this game.

“It took many practices and hours spent in the gym to prepare us for the game against Cosby, but honestly I believe that our will and determination to win took over when it came to beating them rather than our skill level,” commented junior Laken Adkins.

Dula admired the dedication of her players during this game.

“I am extremely proud of the girls for the win at Cosby. It's never easy to travel on a bus for hours and then play your best, so the fact that they did so well shows how much heart they gave,” she said.

Still, players reportedly felt nervous before their game.

“I was nervous. I always get nervous before a big game but at the same time I was excited that all our fans were there and to be hosting a regional championship which is something that had never been done before for the volleyball team,” said Stone.

After the first round, the girls regained determination.

“I felt like we really pushed it out and tried our hardest due to us fighting for every point and still had hope for the rest of the game,” Adkins explained.

Coach Dula could tell the players were up for any challenges.

“The Kellum match was tough, they were a solid team all around. I don't think my girls were tired, more overwhelmed. I know they were excited to play at home, it was the first time in a very long time that FC got to host a regional final. With that comes a lot of pressure,” reported Dula.

The Eagles were proud once their game came to a close, but for some athletes, this was their final match as a Lady Eagle.

“By the end of the game against Kellum, I was upset because I knew that would be my last volleyball game I would ever play. But, I am so proud of my team and how well we did this season,” Anderson said .

Our Lady Eagles completed the season with a 9-3 standing.

“As a whole, this season exceeded my expectations. It's a super weird year because of Covid, so I came into the season with low expectations. I am thrilled we made it as far as we did and I'm very proud of my team for persevering through the ins and outs of a covid year. My favorite part of the team this year was the camaraderie that they had. It's rare to have a team full of high school aged females that all get along as well as they did this year. I am not a fan of drama on a team and we had none thankfully. This group had a lot of heart and drive which as a coach you can't ask for more,” Dula finished.

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