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Let's Par-Tee For The New Golf Season

By Lily Lovette -- Eagle Staff Writer

The Franklin County High School Golf Teams are swinging into a new season. As of right now, there are two golf teams at FCHS, the junior varsity team and the varsity team. c`v

There are currently ten players on each team. The JV Team practices at Willow Creek Golf Course and the varsity team practices at Copper Cove Golf Course. When starting a match, six players have to qualify while practicing. The top four scores make up the score for the team.

The Junior Varsity Team posing for a picture. (Courtesy Photo)

“You add up the four scores and the top wins,” Junior Varsity Team Coach Thomas Hering explained.

While it is Hering’s first year of coaching the JV Team he has high hopes for the season. Hering said, “So far we’ve had two matches, one at Gordon Trent Golf Courses, and we have won both matches at this point so starting off the season well.”

Hering also described the competitiveness of the sport. “Without a doubt, it's definitely competitive. You know, they're competing against the other players and the other teams but ideally, ultimately, they're really competing against the golf course because everytime you play a course - and even if you play your own course - it's different. You’re not hitting the ball in the same place as you maneuver through the course.”

Regardless, junior varsity players reassure students who want to join the team. “I would recommend other people to play golf because it's such a calm sport you could play and you could do it for years,” sophomore Mychael Rose said.

“Especially girls, because we need girls in our program,” freshman Kynlee Cepelnik added.

Cepelnik isn’t the only one who feels a need for girls in the golf sport.

“I would love to see more girls get involved in golf in our area. High school golf in Virginia is a co-ed sport. We have only had a couple [of] girls on our team since I've been a part of the program. We currently have 3 girls on our JV team and I'm really excited for their future with our team,” Varsity Golf Coach Michael Rogers explained.

Rogers has been the varsity team coach for ten years and is looking forward to what this season has in store.

Rogers stated, “After 4 district matches we are currently in 3rd place, but are very close to 2nd. We're looking to finish the last couple [of] matches strong and play well in our district tournament.”

With a steady start, the golf teams are encouraging students to look into and consider joining a golf team.

“Golf is a lifetime sport. It's not just something you play in high school. It's a great way to get outside and have fun with your family and friends,” Rogers concluded.

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