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Marching to the End of a Season!

By Oliver Maul-- Eagle News staff

FCHS Marching Band 2023-2024 (courtesy photo)

The FCHS Marching Band has had a wonderful run in competition this season, coming in 2nd by one point at the the Celtic Classic, then coming in 2nd another time by half a point at the Star City Classic. Under the direction of FCHS's new band director, Adam Singer, the band ended the season in 4th place at the Virginia State Marching Band Competition. This season wasn’t without its challenges - for both director and students.

The first challenge was something all new band directors can relate to: not being familiar with the performance levels or capability of the students. Singer explained, “It was very hard [to get the music together for this season] because I didn't have the ability level of anybody. There is a difference between watching videos and then actually teaching you guys." In the end, both music and musician came together. "Overall I think the music has hit the way we need it to," Singer remarked.

Students also had adjustments to make, like the transition from band director Rocky Ankeny to Singer. Ankeny helped Singer make adjustments and meet the band before the school year ended last year, which helped the band get up to speed during the summer. “I think the transition went really smoothly and I think that is because [both directors] did as much as they could back in the spring," said Conner Dunford, drum major and alto saxophone.

Practice makes excellence for FCHS Marching Band. (Photo by Oliver Maul)

Even the show itself was a bit different. This season's performance "ROAR" used electronics, percussion, and wind instruments to showcase the imagination and ability of the performers. The show required everyone this season to accomplish difficult tasks and think outside the box. The band responded by more than rising to the occasion. "I think that the entire band has done extremely well," said senior Ashley Hernandez-Morales.

Even with the transitions, the band finished this year strong with students dedicating almost all of their time outside of school to the sport. Many of the students expressed love for the show and the team that brought it to life. "I am ecstatic to have the honor to work with [these performers] this year," Hernandez-Morales exclaimed.

Sophomores Timothy Sinclair Jr. and Joseph Adams prepare for showtime (Photo taken by Oliver Maul)

With the season coming to an end, band members are excited to see what the future holds with Singer. “I can't wait to see what we have planned for next year's show and how many people we will add to the band,” said freshman Susannah Booth. With the exciting news of FCHS possibly having a drumline as part of next year's show, only time can tell what greatness is in store. If you would like more information on the Marching Band or would like to support them please visit

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