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Mearl The Pearl - "Don't Stop"

By Jaden Bowman--Eagle Staff writer

Mearl The Pearl's "Don’t Stop (‘Till You Get Enough)" cover album depicts him with the Franklin County Fly Girls. (Ella Stump, Adalie Woodford, Vanesa Arevalos, Kendrick Pannel, Ramos Solis, Mearl Witcher, Jamari Dudley, Adyson Jennings, Paulina Ayala, and Caroline Kelly.) (Courtesy photo)

Mearl Witcher--whose stage name is "Mearl The Pearl"-- wants his listeners to feel “pumped up, excited, and ready to dance” when they listen to his debut single "Don’t Stop (‘Till You Get Enough)". The track was released on September 15, 2023, and is available on most music streaming platforms.

As for the song itself, the beat and chorus is sampled from M.C. Hammer’s song "Don’t Stop", from his 1994 album, The Funky Headhunter. “I was originally going to sample a different song from [M.C. Hammer], "Pumps and a Bump", from the same album. While looking for a good instrumental, I stumbled upon a FunkyMix CD of a "Pumps and a Bump/Don’t Stop" mashup,” Witcher explained. “As soon as I heard the chorus, I fell in love with it.”

Artist Mearl Witcher and Fly Girl Caroline Kelley have their game faces on. (Courtesy photo)

The first of Witcher's original lyrics reads:

“Mearl, the Pearl's going up in the world”

“And he's filling up rooms like he's selling out tours now”

“We making the building wanna crumble we loud”

“But you gotta keep it like it if you wanna pump the crowd, now”

As a junior here at Franklin County High School, Witcher already has big plans for the song. “I plan on releasing a remix and a club mix for 'Don’t Stop (‘Till You Get Enough)' around or right after homecoming,” he revealed.

Witcher also noted that he is releasing an “undisclosed single” in the coming months and will drop his album around prom season. As for the genre of his songs, Witcher has "always loved older hip hop songs but wouldn’t mind trying out other genres."

Mearl The Pearl's track is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube.

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