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Meet the Staff -- Eagle News Find New Eaglets

By Sarah Rafael, Lily Lovette & Brooklyn Toney--Eagle Staff Writers

As the year progresses, so does the Eagle Newspaper staff. While we have some familiar faces on staff this year, there are ten new additions. Experienced staffers talked with each new member about what brought them to Eagle News.

Peter Stefo has shown a knack for in-depth stories - sometimes VERY in-depth! (Courtesy Photo)

Junior Peter Stefo was encouraged to join the class by a previous staff member, Muna Seagle. He considered his interests and decided it would be a fun class to join. With his love for in-depth writing, he is using the class as an opportunity to dive deeper into researched topics. A surprising twist in music taste, his favorite karaoke song is “California Gurls” by Katy Perry.

Matthew Smith, senior, brings humor and positivity to the Eagle News team. (Courtesy Photo)

Senior Matthew Smith acquired a love for journalism through his passion for writing. He thought that joining the class would help to improve his writing skills. Smith said that he prefers to write about subjects related to theater. He even played Bill Austin [a journalist] in FCHS's school musical, Mamma Mia.

Isha Patel, senior, draws on curiosity and drive to bring lesser-known stories to Eagle readers. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Isha Patel joined due to her high marks in English class and her passion for writing stories. She explained that she likes to write about people's experiences and shine light on perspectives. Her biggest inspiration is her mom; she says she wants to go to college because of her continuous support. Her rule to live by is, “Don’t give up until every door is closed.”

Senior Skyllar Hodges put off graduating early to lend her professionalism and integrity to Eagle News reporting. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Skyllar Hodges had high ambitions of being an early graduate, but then changed her mind. She had the opportunity of choosing two electives and journalism happened to be open. Hodges prefers to write about in-depth subjects. Her rule to live by is to not believe anything before you see it.

Senior Ciara Buckland has a soft spot for the spunky underdog in every story and works to bring their stories to light. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Ciara Buckland says that the best role models in life are her English teachers and famous writers. That’s what inspired her love for writing. While Buckland thinks photography is fun, she loves writing about topics that are in-depth. “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “22” by Taylor Swift are her top karaoke songs.

Jaden Bowman, senior, has an ear for music and a professional's style for music reviews. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Jaden Bowman is not new to journalism; she attended a few of the club meetings towards the end of the last school year. Bowman mentioned that she would rather write about music related content and found last year's album review on Gracie Abrams to be enjoyable. Putting others before herself is a rule that she lives by.

Quinn Goransson, junior, can always be found reading or writing about reading or listening to music and writing about it. (Courtesy photo)

Junior Quinn Goransson explained that her family inspired her passion for writing. Goransson prefers to write book and movie reviews. She has strong opinions on issues like dress code and the new cell phone policy. her words to live by are, "Never give up."

Senior Dew Adams dives deep into social justice issues and nature in their writing. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Dew Adams aspires to be a

future author. They didn’t have a second period, so they thought that journalism was the option that they found most interesting. Adams lives by the famous five second rule. Their go-to karaoke song is the well-known “Sweet Caroline”.

Sophomore Joella Brooks shines bright with energy and enthusiasm in the Eagle newsroom.

Sophomore Joella Brooks joined the class on a whim and decided it would be fun to learn about. She mentioned that she had more of an interest in photography but she still liked to write about new things that are happening in the community. Her motto to live by is, “Never give up because you can always put opportunity everywhere, and always see the good in life.”

Oliver Maul, sophomore, keeps a finger on the pulse of campus life at FCHS. (Courtesy photo)

Sophomore Oliver Maul was originally interested in photography but has found they liked Campus News because of the connections they have formed. They have considered pursuing a career in journalism. Their life motto is, “Don’t overthink things, because it's easy to start stuff but it's easy to make the wrong choice and get a bad outcome.”

Veteran Eagle Staff members are happy to welcome these new writers with open arms.

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