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Multi-Purpose Man--Dylan Edwards

Dylan Edwards poses for a photo. (Courtesy Photo)

By Kevin Compton--Eagle Staff Writer

Meet sophomore Dylan Edwards. He might seem reserved at first, but many have found there’s more to him than meets the eye.

"I have a hard time describing myself," Edwards began. "I'd say I'm quiet around others and keep to myself and my friend circle. I'm usually really social and outgoing with my friends. I don't pay much mind to things around me and tend to be quite dense on subjects, like I don't focus on school all that well."

Speaking of school, Edwards still sees hope amidst the Corona fog.

“I’m overall having a pretty good time here,” Edwards says. “Though things are definitely a bit out of whack right now, I’m confident when it returns to normal it’ll get much better."

Though none of this means he’s been completely without hardship. However, he's been able to get himself out of many a pinch.

“I went through a rough patch regarding school a while back, but I’ve managed to get back on track, and am better than ever,” he says. "I wasn't getting on top of anything, and was even falling behind in other cases."

Still, when he’s having a hard time, he can always fall back on his comforts, one of many being a good old book.

“I’ve been having a lot of fun lately,” Edwards comments. “I found a book, Ori, and it's plot and themes call to me in a way I didn't know they could."

Reading is only one of many of Edwards' various hobbies.

"I like to write and draw sometimes, and like to read whatever interests me," he says. "I like photography, though I don't do it much, and occasionally edit videos. I also have a liking for games, my favorites at the moment being Omori and Persona 5 Royal. I like gardening as well."

Edwards has quite the green thumb when it comes to gardening.

"I tend to some seeds in my science class. They're basil seeds and I've been working with them for a week (as of the 19th), though I don't plan to go crazy on botany. I just want to grow a plant to have something to tend to and go outside for when I move out," he explains.

Moving out is far in the future, but Edwards has other hopes to keep going on.

"In terms of the close future, I'm hoping my schedule works out the way I want it to and to be accepted for AP English 11," he replies. "I don't have any plans for the long future, [I'm] still figuring those out."

While he plans, he's still got some of his family behind his back.

"I have 2 siblings I see regularly. I tend to stay in my room most of the time to wait out the rest of the day, since lately I've been too tired to do anything else from school making me wake up at 6 in the morning. I don't interact often with my family, but I usually have a conversation with my granny a few times a day," he comments.

Edwards concludes by giving a small message to his younger self.

"I don't tend to dwell on the past or future so I probably won't say anything, but if I had to, I'd probably convince myself to work harder," he concludes.

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Damian Saint Vincent
Damian Saint Vincent
Sep 24, 2021

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