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New to the News: Meet the Staff

By Ethan Hoffman--Sports Editor

As the semesters change, so does the Eagle Newspaper staff. Whilst we have some familiar faces, there are five new additions to the staff. We talked with each one recently about what brought them to Eagle News, how they spend their free time, and - just for fun - their favorite words to live by or tattoo of choice.

Junior Evan Heins brings positivity and mad photo skills to Eagle News. (Courtesy photo)

Evan Heins, junior, joined the staff after being associated with the Newspaper Club for the past few months. Evan has a knack for photography, being named the official Photography Editor this past September. “I’ve always had a love for photography,” Heins stated. Heins believes his interest in the newspaper started with being invited to join the club. “Emma [Duncan, Eagle News Editor] had offered for me to go to the club and then it made me interested in the class.” Evan’s one quote to live by is from Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Sophomore Paige Ordway brings connections and TV production skills to print media. (Courtesy photo)

Paige Ordway, sophomore, joined the staff after signing up for the class due to her passion for writing. “I enjoyed writing essays in English class last year, so I chose journalism to let me write more.” Paige is no stranger to media classes, having been in the TV Production program since her freshman year. Outside of school, Paige is on the Next Revolution Travel Volleyball team and served as the director for CRUNCH TV’s Weekly Football broadcast. Paige has found a niche in writing student spotlights. “Student Spotlights are my favorite to write so far; I like being able to tell someone’s story.” Her quote to live by is, “Always give 100%.”

Sophomore Brooklyn Toney's natural talent for writing shines through in everything she writes. (Courtesy photo).

Brooklyn Toney, sophomore, came to Eagle News after originally signing up for yearbook but later deciding journalism was a better fit for her. “I love to write about things that interest me. Journalism is a better fit for me.” Outside of school, Brooklyn enjoys painting, saying, “I enjoy expressing my creativity.” In the future, she hopes to work in either fashion or journalism. “I am between going into fashion marketing and pursuing a career in journalism. I really want to work for a big magazine company like Essence or Vogue.” So far, Brooklyn says her favorite articles are campus news pieces. “I find it enjoyable to write about what has been happening in the school recently.” Her tattoo of choice would be a butterfly since, “Butterflies have a special meaning to me.”

No matter what it is, Abby Patterson (sophomore) gets it done with speed, skill, and grace. (Courtesy photo)

Abby Patterson, sophomore, joined the staff because she has a passion for writing. “I thought [Journalism] would be something that I enjoy because I like writing and I’ve been told by a lot of teachers that I’m good at it.” When out of school, Abby says she mostly reads books and listens to music. “I like to read a lot of classic novels and listen to music on vinyl.” Abby says her future plans don’t necessarily involve journalism but do involve writing. Her tattoo of choice is a unique one, “I would get my social security number so that I would literally be the only person with that tattoo.”

Senior Sarah Vincent brings smarts, spunk, and occasional sarcasm to Eagle News. (Courtesy photo)

Sarah Vincent, senior, joins the staff with a passion for writing and an eagerness to learn the ins and outs of journalism. “I’ve taken AP English and Creative Writing … Journalism feels a bit like the third style of writing.” Sarah stated that she has had an interest in journalism since she was a child. “I decided it’d be fun to get back into it, and I was definitely right.” She is still a bit unsure about her future in journalism, “I’ve been making a conscious effort to keep my options open as far as my future career goes.” Vincent, who is majoring in environmental science, knows that journalism can play a factor in her future career. “Climate journalism is an incredibly important role as environmentalism progresses.” She says her favorite quote to live by is one by conservationist John Muir, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

Veteran staff members are glad to welcome these new student journalists and look forward to making The Eagle even bigger and better each semester.

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