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Painter, Archer Just Wants to Help

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Above, Nicole Lynch, junior, displays some of her art work. At right is a close-up of one of her paintings, and below right is a shot of a CD she painted. (Courtesy Photos)

By Tyler Blair--Eagle Staff Writer

Nicole Lynch is known among fellow students and friends as being helpful, social, and an overall kind person.

“I tend to always try to be helpful in other people's lives in any way I can,” she says.

Called “Mama Bear” by some of her friends, Lynch says she is naturally protective and caring towards her friends and loved ones.

“I think it comes from being the oldest child in my family, or it's just me having a strong nature to care for the people I hold close,” she says.

Her friends say she is the kind of person who sticks up for her them if they're ever being bothered or harassed in any way. They also say she's a very social person, who communicates easily with others and always has entertaining conversations.

“Nicole is the type of friend where if you’re sad, you can always count on her to make you feel positive about yourself, and there’s definitely never a boring moment when she’s around!” says Samantha Perdue, one of Nicole's many friends.

One of Nicole's passions is painting. In fact, over the summer, she painted pictures for all of her friends--just because.

“I personally feel like anything that I can do for my friends is worth it, even if it's just painting for them,” she says.

Another hobby of Lynch’s is archery. She enjoys the thrill of the competition and the excitement of possibly winning a tournament.

“I'm a very competitive person, so having an outlet like archery lets me put my energy into something productive,” she explains.

Her teachers say Lynch puts a lot energy into her academics as well.

Nicole is a very enthusiastic young lady with a sparkling personality. I love her positive participation, and she is great to have in class,” says Mary Edwards, Lynch's English teacher.

Lynch hopes that her personality will help give her a good starting point for a future career in social work.

“I want to go into a field where I can provide help for people who need it,” she says. “I feel like if I can go into a field where I can help others, it will satisfy my want to be a helpful hand in the world.”

Lynch says she hopes to continue to be an active social member of her community.

“I just enjoy helping people out. I love seeing a smile on people's faces. It makes me feel good knowing that I helped them in some way,” she says.

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