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Opinion - Request For Restroom Restoration

By Evan Heins  -- Eagle Staff Writer/Photography Editor

The bathroom, a sacred place for people to do their business - with the right accommodations of course. Sadly here at Franklin County High School (FCHS), some people's poor choices create problems such as vandalism, that leave other students without the restroom accommodations they would prefer.

Downstairs Law restroom stalls without doors. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Problems like stall doors missing, soap dispensers ripped off the wall, and urinals that leak around the pipes - damages that aren't quick fixes and require significant time to clean up. "When vandalism occurs, it can be a timely process to repair damages,” said Jon Crutchfield, the principal at FCHS.

Some of the vandalism is just downright baffling. In one of Tech D’s restrooms, for example, an unknown student removed the screws for the toilet and tossed them into the bowl. "[It] made no sense at all to me.  Why?  I'm not sure if parents were to come and walk around with their children and see how they act if things would get better," said Jean Capps, agriculture teacher.

Capps wondered if social media trends might be partly to blame. "I think there is a lack of respect due to social media and seeing blatant disrespect on so many platforms."

Problems also occur when students from students especially in the male restrooms. Many stalls no longer have doors after students ripped them off the hinges and the replacements take both time and money. “It takes time for the replacement parts to arrive, and it takes time for our division maintenance staff to make repairs. These staff members are repairing issues across the entire school division,” Crutchfield explained.

Not only are vandals a problem, there are some students who choose to take their time in the restroom to vape. There are many times where students want to use the restroom but the stalls are taken up by people vaping. While this isn't a new problem, Crutchfield explained, “Bathrooms have been an issue all year. This is a problem that we have seen increase since last year."

"Turbo" vape left in downstairs Ramsey bathroom (Photo by Evan Heins)

Although FCHS has cracked down on the vaping situation, sadly it doesn't have a cheap solution. “Vape detectors are very costly (over $1000 each) to purchase. We are only able to purchase a few at a time,” said Crutchfield.

Crutchfield looks forward to a future without so many restroom problems. “The goal remains for vape detectors to be installed in all restrooms on campus,” along with having more preventative maintenance inside of the restrooms.

I don't know about others, but I personally want to be able to enter our restrooms on campus without having to check stalls for people vaping and see no door on the stalls.

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