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Photo Collage: B-b-ballin' at the Seniors vs. Faculty Basketball Game

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Evan Heins, Sarah Vincent, and Emma Duncan--Photography Editor, Eagle Staff Writer, and Eagle Editor

Eagle students have heard of March Madness. They know the legends, but do they know that Franklin County has its own basketball stars? They may not be NBA-bound but Wesley Ward, Randy Clark, Kayden Smith, Eli Foutz, and the rest of the student team more than held their own in the Seniors vs. Faculty Basketball Game last month.

The rosters were as follows:

Senior Team (coached by Ian England and John Turner):

Evan Furrow

Rylan McGee

Dalton Lee

Robbie Knott

Keshaun Wright

Landen Clark

Wesley Ward

Jaemon King

Eli Foutz

Jaimere Watkins

Jahylen Lee

Nasir Holland

Randy Clark

Staff Team (coached by Bailee Washburn and Le'Bryan Patterson):

Ross Zabloski

Troy Kaase

Bryce Varner

Ryan Hudgins

Michael Rogers

Jamie Wright

Jacob Sowers

Clay Feazell

Bradley Lang

From left to right: Seniors Heidi Eames, Haley Cook, Ashlynn Haigler, members of the senior class SCA, all show their excitement for the senior-faculty basketball game. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

The senior team poses during the pregame warmup. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Both teams crowd around the basket for yet another score. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Jaemon King and Jaimere Watkins watch that swoosh. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Randy Clark shows off skills as the Seniors warm up before the game. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Randy Clark and Bryce Varner spring into action during the tipoff. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Seniors at the faculty game cheer on their fellow classmates to beat the teachers at basketball. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Bryce Varner stays making hoops. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Mr. Zabloski keeps his eye on the ball, with sheer intensity. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Randy Clark side swipes the other team to sprint ahead. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Time stands still as the ball spirals towards the hoop. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Randy Clark and Bryce Varner make the action shot of the century during the tipoff. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Faculty cheerleaders cheer on their players with some Eagle spirit. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Both teams head towards the basket to catch a rebound. (Photo by Evan Heins)

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