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Photo Collage: Eagle Volleyball Seniors "Spike" Into The Future

By Ethan Hoffman-- Eagle Editor

The last dig. The last set. The last spike.

For the Franklin County High School Volleyball seniors, their Thursday showdown against Northside High School will be the last time they don an Eagle uniform and take to the court. For some, it will be the last time they don a volleyball uniform in general. While the playoffs are still rolling and the girls are still playing, it's a good moment to freeze time and show appreciation for all of our Eagle seniors.

The Eagles Volleyball squad huddle up pre-game for one last time. (Photo By Paige Ordway)

Outside Hitter Hope Greer and her mother Jennifer Greer share a pre-game hug. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Middle Hitter Talaya Holland receives her flowers alongside her family. (Photo By Ethan Hoffman)

DS Charlie Atkins accompanied by her parents Tabitha and Travis Atkins, and her sister Laken. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Middle Hitter Emma Catoe beams during the senior ceremony. (Photo by Ethan Hoffman)

Outside Hitter Hope Greer receives thanks from the Eagle faithful. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Emma Catoe embraces sophomore Sarabeth Crews before their last regular season games as teammates. (Photo by Ethan Hoffman)

Juniors Malahna Hoyle and Aniston Wray, sophomore Brylie Altice, and senior Emma Catoe celebrate a positive play for the Eagles. (Photo by Ethan Hoffman)

Junior Aniston Wray dives for the ball to save the day! (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Talaya Holland, Emma Catoe, Charlie Atkins, and Hope Greer share their special senior celebratory skills. (Photo by Ethan Hoffman)

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