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Photo Collage: Giving Thanks to Our Local Bus Drivers

By Brooklyn Toney--Eagle Staff Writer

On November 1, students from the SCA Executive Board hosted a Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast. This was the second consecutive year that the club had hosted the breakfast. The group hopes to implement more appreciation days for school staff members in the future.

From left to right: Seniors Olivia Chitwood, Jakaylyn Gill, Caroline Kelley, Olivia Pate, and Brayden Hoffman pose for a photo while representing SCA Executive Board at the Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

The sun glimmers through the midst of the cold weather. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

Senior Olivia Pate graciously gives a bus driver a Daylight donut. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

Senior Caroline Kelley helps give back to the bus drivers. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

From left to right: Senior Olivia Chitwood, Sponsor Ms. Laura Bird, Junior Brooklyn Toney, Sophomore Briyana Melendez, Seniors Jakaylyn Gill, Brayden Hoffman, Caroline Kelley, and Olivia Pate shine their bright smiles for a generous cause. (Photo by Olivia Chitwood)

The club had an assortment of local Daylight Donuts' donuts and Starbucks coffee available to the bus staff. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

Senior Olivia Chitwood pouring up a cup of hot coffee for a bus driver on a cold morning. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

Sponsor Laura Bird jokingly pours herself an "invisible" cup of hot coffee. (Photo by Olivia Chitwood)

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