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Photo Collage: Music in Our Schools

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Paige Ordway and Emma Duncan--Eagle Staff Writer and Eagle Editor

Walking onto Franklin County High School's campus, people automatically know that Eagles value education and athletics, as seen in the many buildings and athletic fields that make up the campus. However, music is also a priority here, and students taking the musical theatre, choir, and band programs believe it should be a priority at all levels of school. So, on March 16, musicians from the middle and high school presented "Music in Our Schools," a musical performance for elementary students that showcases secondary students' musical talent and advocates for the performing arts.

Band Director Rocky Ankeny prepares to conduct a performance of "Overture for Winds" by Charles Carter as his students raise their instruments to play. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Senior Heidi Eames skips down the aisle of the auditorium, clapping to a sing-along transition between performances. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Juniors Virginia Price, Abigail Shaver, and Jordan Bernard dance along to another sing-along video after finishing their musical theatre performance. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Snow Creek Elementary's music teacher Katie Mitchell smiles at her students while dancing to the upbeat sounds of Music in our Schools. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Our school band shines during their performance in front of all the elementary schools. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Rocky Mount Elementary is led through songs by one of our Music in Our Schools students! (Photo By Emma Duncan)

Our Musical Theatre students from the "Putnam County Spelling Bee" all sitting together before their performance! (Photo By Emma Duncan)

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