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Photo Collage: Opening (and Decorating) the Door to Black History Month

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Emma Duncan and Sarah Vincent--Eagle Editor and Eagle Staff Writer

For years, teachers on campus have decorated their classroom doors to celebrate special times of the school year, such as Homecoming in October, December's Christmas cheer, and Spring Break in the fourth nine weeks. February is no different, with both Valentine's Day and Black History Month filling the halls of Franklin County High School with love for all.

Librarians Megan Sawyers and Nicole Held themed their display case around the lessons that can be learned during Black History Month. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Science teacher Ashly Sigmon's students cut out sketches of their hands in all different shades to decorate 102 Law. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Similar to Sigmon, CHOICES teacher Mark Hatcher added cut-out hands and hearts to the door of 174 Tech D. By arranging them into a peace sign, Hatcher encourages students to be accepting of and uplifting to everyone. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Art teacher Lori Law made red, white, and green the background of room 154 Tech B, as they're the main colors of many African flags. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

History teacher Laura Pence combined both Valentine's Day and Black History Month to bring love to 186 Tech C. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Science teacher Dorian Albano used the door of 105 Law to educate students about notable Black scientists through interactive QR codes. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

To decorate 181 Tech C's door, Lady Michele Jones and her students used names of students and staff on campus as well as historical Black figures to create the hair and clothes of a Black woman. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Rebekah Garrett, who teaches Spanish in 157 Tech B, made mini posters of Afro-Latinos written entirely in Spanish to teach students about new people and a new language. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Nicole Lovell and Jan Shumate, nurses on campus, decorated the door to the Nurse’s Station with mini-biographies on history’s heroic nurses. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

CHOICES teachers Joyce Davis and Doland Wiggonton in 173 Tech D gave credit to those who have lived before them for the possibilities that exist today. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Two doors down from Garrett in 159 Tech B, French teacher Beth Puckett used a similar language-based approach to her Black History Month decoration. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Math teacher Madison Peregoy’s door, 236 Ramsey, welcomes students into the world of algebra with an artistic portrayal of Katherine Johnson, a famous mathematician. (Photo by Sarah Vincent) (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

The door of 151 Tech B, designed by Spanish teacher Katherine Williamson, encouraged students to “Write!” “Fly!” “Love!” and “Dream!” by use of several Spanish verbs and historical Black figures. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

History teacher Rylee Buzzeo’s door for 187 Tech C drives students all the way back to 1960 for a front-stool view of the Greensboro Sit-In. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

While most doors focused on Black History Month, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Christina Flores decorated the door for 142 Tech A with love for all in a decorative celebration of Valentine’s Day. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

Special Education teacher Emily Messenger’s door, 180 Tech C, combines the celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day together with the call-to-action, “We Choose Love.” (Photo by Emma Duncan)

The Teachers for Tomorrow class taught by Marsha Lopez in 165 Tech B combined snowy spirit with a "salute to teachers of yesterday." (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

History teacher Megan Oliver put puzzle pieces on the door of 220 Ramsey to show that all walks of life have a place in this world. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

History teacher Audrey Fizer themed 242 Tech A’s door around preparing students to live in the real world, just like she does in her Eagle Tech classes. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Students interested in reading stories about Black characters written by Black authors can visit librarian Nicole Held's curated collection in upstairs Law. (Photo by Sarah Vincent)

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