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Photo Collage--Students Welcome Spring With Spirit

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Paige Ordway-- Eagle staff

Spirit weeks are a tradition that Franklin County has done for years to show support for the Eagle athletes and to bring joy to everyone throughout the week, building up to a pep rally on the final day. Students and staff have loved participating and dressing up for days in the past like biker vs. surfer day or Country Camo. This week's theme allowed students to dress up as their favorite teachers, decades, and wear their favorite jerseys!

Monday - Decades Day

Senior Ashlynn Haigler and Junior Caroline Kelley showed their school spirit through decade day wearing 1940s and 1990s outfits. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Cristian Ramirez and Spanish teacher Marissa Carey dressed up for decades day wearing 90s attire. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Aubrey Hendrickson came to school on Monday in a flashy 1940s outfit. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Junior Julianne Bowman wore her best outfit for decades day, representing the 60s with her flower crown and flare jeans! (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Heidi Eames dressed for the occasion with her 90s style for the day. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Tuesday - Initial Day

Senior Abigail Hudson in costume as Aluminum Foil and History teacher Lady Michele Jones dressed as her favorite Atlanta Braves player John Smoltz. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Marsha Lopez's 2nd period shows lots of school spirit for initial day with their fun outfits! From left to right: Senior Avery Bryant as an angel, sophomore Autumn Hancock as an avocado, freshman Aiden Coronel-Gonzalez, junior Kendal Mattox as a king, Teachers for Tomorrow instructor Marsha Lopez as Mickey Mouse freshman Michaela Bowling as Mustard, and freshman Kourtney Gillispie as Ketchup. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Sophomore Claire McElvain wearing her Cookie Monster Character outfit representing C for her name. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Payton Foley and Junior SheaAnna Boyd dressed as the first letter of their names with popular movie characters, Peter Pan and Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks respectively. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Seniors Charles Cook incorporated a lot of color into his chicken costume. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Seniors Sarah Vincent and Maddy Holland showed their spirit while wearing Sims for her first initial "S" and Material Girl for her initial "M". (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Wednesday - Teacher Student Swap Day

Junior Mason McDill (left) dressed as lacrosse coach Chandler Hunt while history teacher Lady Michele Jones (center) and senior Abigail Hudson (right) dressed as each other for Teacher Student Swap Day. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Avery Bryant (left) dressed as her future career path, a special education teacher. Sophomore Autumn Hancock (center) dressed as Teachers for Tomorrow instructor Marsha Lopez )right), who wore her best "Franklin County Girl outfit." (Photo by Paige Ordway)

History teacher by day, fashion icon by night. Prentice Sargeant had a fan club on Wednesday, as Juniors Jacey Ashe, Cameron Tosh, and Jordan Bernard (from left to right) all dressed as one of their favorite teachers. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Senior Charles Cook wore his best teacher outfit for student/teacher swap day - outfit for his first and last day on the job it seems. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Thursday - Jersey Shore vs. Jersey Day

(From left to right) Math teacher Kim Powell wears a hockey jersey for the Chicago Blackhawks and freshman Caelyn Hansen wears a sparkle jersey. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

While sophomore Aniston Wray wore a Cowboys jersey, sophomores Muna Seagle and Lucas Amos wore their own jerseys. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

From left to right: senior Payton Foley and juniors Erica Trail, Alyssa Legg, and SheaAnna Boyd, members of the yearbook staff, show their spirit with their favorite jerseys. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Friday - Spring Color Day

Freshmen wore yellow, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore pink, seniors wore purple, and teachers wore green. Franklin County High School ended the day with our spring sports pep rally.

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