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Photo Collage: T-N-T Tots Cruise for Cash at Annual Trike Race

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Lily Lovette--Eagle Staff Writer

On March 29th the Teens-N-Tots Early Learning Center hosted the Annual Trike Race in the Central Gym. This fundraising event brings together FCHS classroom sponsors and speedster preschoolers with decked-out trikes doing laps to raise funds for The Donna Sink Pediatric Fund. The fund provides support to families with children facing complex medical diagnoses.

The trike race has proven a favorite spring event for racers and their teen teachers. "Our goal is to play, learn, and grow together. Teen Teachers get hands-on experience working with and teaching children and preparing tots for their next school year, whether it be PreK or Kindergarten. The trike race fits into our mission because it helps develop social and gross motor skills, helps a charity, and involves our FC community," Teens-N-Tots teacher Jessica Leftwich explained.

The Teens-N-Tots leaders and drivers come together for a group photo. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Charlotte's representative class cheers for her start in the race. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Teens-N-Tots leaders present their Cruisin Down The Block poster. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Tots make an entrance through their leaders' posters wearing new statement sunglasses. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Rowdy tots roll up. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Lennox rides in style on his motorcycle tricycle. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

The "Kenna Krew" shows their support for Kenna. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Mrs. Wheeler's class brought the cheer to the trike race. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

The FCHS Color Guard and Band made an appearance to show off their fun moves. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Junior Annalyse Hasty sings the National Anthem. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

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