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Photo Collage: The Monsters That Warmed Our Hearts and Halls

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Evan Heins and Patrick Trent--Photography Editor and Eagle Staff Writer

Since Monday, February 13, Franklin County High School has been without heat in some of the buildings on campus. But recently there have been some new faces in the halls and they're sporting a profound new style. Are they tubes? Monsters? We've decided to go with "Tubesters," and while some would call them intruders, they would prefer to be called friends.

While this Tubester invades room 246 Tech A, it shows off its stylish purple hair and cool sunglasses. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Be careful not to get too close to this one in room 152 Tech B, as it might accidentally make the place a bit toasty. (Photo by Evan Heins)

This one shows off its perfect teeth for the camera, as it basks in glory with a feline companion blocking the way to room 152 Tech B. (Photo by Evan Heins)

This tubester flaunts its colorful, wonderful horn in room 145 Tech A while keeping the halls warm. (Photo by Evan Heins)

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