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Photo Collage: Welcome to the Club!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Lily Lovette--Eagle Staff Writer

On February 7, Franklin County High School held its Back-to-School night for parents to meet their students' teachers and to allow eighth graders to tour their future school. The Ramsey Gym also hosted a Club Fair, so that families could learn more about clubs and activities at FCHS. They did not disappoint with their presentations.

(From left to right) sophomore Hannah Bird, senior Haley Cook, and juniors Caroline Kelley and Olivia Chitwood create an excellent display for the SCA Executive Board and Eagle Excellence. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Kendall Cerebe, Ja'mriya Hale, Laci Lawless, Hannah Hale, Kyaria Harper get in the rhythm by promoting the Fly Girls Dance Team. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Garreth Barnard and Maeve Shanahan's History Club booth and artistic posters will never get old. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

(From left to right) Seniors Genesis Cabrera, Amy Nguyen, Sarah Vincent, and junior Jackson Crawford create a flourishing poster to help the Evergreen Committee grow. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Junior Talaya Holland, Annika Smith, and Jakaylyn Gill's Shades of Red booth blew people away with their outstanding presentation. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

(From right to left) Check out librarians Megan Sawyers and Nicole Held promoting the FCHS Library. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

(From left to right) Seniors Raven Smith, sophomore Sarah Rafael-Javier, senior Genesis Cabrera-Madrigal, and senior Sarah Vincent give a warm welcome for anyone wanting to join the LEO club. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Senior Leah Gearhart stands proud for the JROTC booth. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

(From left to right) Faculty Advisor Jessica Vinces and junior Alyssa Legg mark the page by showing the new yearbook design and promoting the Yearbook Club. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

(From left to right) Matthew Love and Roy Wainwright bring a robotic display for the TSA booth (Photo by Lily Lovette)

(From left to right) Seniors Heidi Eames and Mackenzie Brodie mean business with their combined Teachers for Tomorrow and Business Department booth. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

Junior Kirsten Compton gets in the spirit for the Cheerleading booth. (Photo by Lily Lovette)

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