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Photo Gallery: Homecoming Spirit Week Celebrates Returning to Normalcy

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Editor

From October 3-7, Franklin County High School rang in the new school year and rallied up excitement for Homecoming festivities by hosting the first spirit week of the school year!

The themes may have sparked strong reactions from a few students at first, but when it came time for the Eagles to dress up, there was plenty of participation!

Monday: Pattern Day

From left to right: Seniors Aubrey Hendrickson, Keely James, Graycie Holland, and Dixie Lumsden show their style and spirit with differing patterns on Monday. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Freshmen Amber Hogue, Raegan McHeimer, Aina Reese, Destini Chavers, history teacher Ross Zabloski, and freshman Timothy Sinclair mix and match different prints, ranging from plaid to tie dye. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Juniors Jacey Ashe and Jordan Bernard, and senior Maddy Holland wore a mixture of stripes and animal prints. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

A favorite pattern among members of the junior class was cheetah or leapord print. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Tuesday: Character Day

From left to right: Seniors Leah Gearhart and Payton Foley dressed as Dipper and Mabel Pines from their childhood favorite show Gravity Falls. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Senior Abby Hudson, junior Sara Bouknight, juniors Matthew Smith and Ella Stump, and head cheer coach/teacher Marsha Lopez took inspiration from numerous Disney stories when choosing their outfits. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Senior Sebastian Ellis didn't think a simple white shirt, green pants, and glasses outfit would look enough like Peter Griffin, so he stuffed a pillow down his shirt for extra effect. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Spanish teacher Marisa Carey, although hidden by her hood, and sophomore Kyaria Mack pose for a photo as Vaporeon from Pokemon and Lilo from "Lilo and Stitch". (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Wednesday: Flashback Day

Senior Raven Smith flashed back to the 60s hippie era with a psychedelic tie-dye t-shirt and space buns. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Freshmen Brynn Ashwell and Jacqueline Dwyer also wanted to dress like they lived in the 1960s. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Eagle Tech teachers Audrey Fizer, Shannon Brooks, Ross Zabloski, Taylor Irish, and Kayla Messenger each had different interpretations of what Flashback Day meant to them. For Fizer, this meant dressing like she did yesterday. Brooks, Irish, and Messenger dressed as they did years ago, and Zabloski dressed like he would have if he was a colonist. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Seniors Sebastian Ellis and Jack David dressed like iconic characters from the past: Marty McFly and one of John Wayne's several western film appearances, respectively. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Sophomore Muna Seagle, social media manager and writer on staff kept to her journalistic interests by dressing like a young Gloria Steinem. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Thursday: Country/Camo Day

Senior Taylor Moran said that camo day is one of her favorite spirit week themes, which can be seen through her two thumbs up and Virginia Tech camo hat. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Seniors Maddy Holland, Keely James, and Kurstin Tucker matched their peppy cheerleading spirit to their outfits by going all out for Country/Camo day. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Juniors George Sims and Makayla Wright stop for a photo after wearing camo all day. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

The hardworking Ramsey lunch staff even joined in on the fun of spirit week on Thursday. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

For students like juniors Bralynn Beamesderfer (top left) and Ashlynn Grimes (top middle), seniors Todd Clements (top right) and Kiana Starkey (bottom left), and Freshman Ayden Cepelnik, the theme of Country/Camo didn't stray far from their daily outfits and lifestyles. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Friday: Red and White

Sorry to disappoint, Eagles, but with all the hustle and bustle of Friday the 7th, from decorating for Homecoming to cheering at the pep rally and watching our Varsity football team beat Staunton River, taking pictures of spirited students and staff just slipped my mind.

As one could expect, though, this was the day that brought the most participation from Eagles. Through the halls and up and down the bleachers a sea of Franklin County High School colors led the way to the Homecoming dance and closed what was a successful spirit week.

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