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Spreading the Love: FCHS Celebrates Black History Month Through Door Decorating

By Brooklyn Toney and Lily Lovette -- Eagle Staff Writers

Last semester, teachers and staff on campus decorated their classroom doors in order to spread the joy of Christmas. To kick off second semester, Franklin County High School focused on celebrating Black History Month with another door decoration contest.

The FCHS Library begins a new chapter with their annual display of Black literature. (Photo by Lily Lovette)
Room 247 Tech A shows love for Black History Month and Valentine's Day. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
151 Tech B represents famous Afro-Latinx figures during Black History Month. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
The choir room creates a symphony of equality. (Photo by Lily Lovette)
156 Tech B shares their dream of inclusivity. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
186 Tech C grows into a better future. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
Rylee Buzzeo's door in 187 Tech C opens its heart to Black History Month. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
History teacher Michele Jones in 181 Tech C uses her door decorations to inspire students. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

French teacher Beth Puckett shares the story of two famous African-American athletes, one being local. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
Science teacher Ashly Sigmon makes a grand statement with her decorations in 102 Law. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)
131 Ramsey climbs to new heights and pays homage to mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose story was portrayed in the movie "Hidden Figures". (Photo by Lily Lovette)
SCA Executive Board themed their board around inspirational Black figures and the official colors of Black History Month. (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

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