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Season Preview: Swim Team Dives Into Meet Preparations

Last year's swim team takes a group picture to remember all they'd accomplished that season. (Courtesy Photo)

By Wesley Ward--Eagle Staff Writer

Swimming is something most learn how to do as a child and only put into practice when on vacation, but for some Eagles, swimming is a lifestyle.

“The main purpose [of the swim team] is to teach and create competitive swimmers, but I and the other coaches like to teach teamwork, responsibility, character, and healthy habits," Hannah White, head coach of the team, summarized.

Olivia Dow, a senior swimmer, offered her perspective. "The team is just a big family and we always encourage others to build on what was there and do better. We always encourage each other through the bad and good."

Grace Weaver, current junior, prepares to swim off to victory during a swim meet last year. (Courtesy Photo)

Freshman swimmer Issac Anderson agreed, adding, "Swim team is about much more than just the swimming; it's about building each other up, a perfect combination of competition and teamwork."

The FCHS Swim Team's schedule consists of numerous competitions against various teams taking place on Dec. 3, 4, and 17. After returning from Christmas break, they'll swim on January 12, 14, and wrap up their regular season with a final meet on January 21.

Swim meets are uniquely graded. “At competitions, the swimmers are actually very individual in swimming. Each swimmer can enter 3 individual events and 2 relays. Teams score points based on where their swimmer (or relay) places. Those total scores are compared against the teams. Highest score wins,” White said.

The individuality described above allows no sole swimmer to shine above the rest, as each teammate is a strong competitor in their own right.

“There are no stars of the team because swimming allows swimmers to compete against themselves. Their goal is to beat their own times. As long as a swimmer is improving and gaining new skills, I consider them a star,” White concluded.

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