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Season Preview: Track and Field Jumps, Throws, and Sprints with Wings like Eagles

Senior Victoria Stevens sprints into action, hoping to pass her opponents during a race. (Courtesy Photo)

By Chloe Coleman--Eagle Staff Writer

The track and field season is coming up, and the athletes and coaches that make up the FCHS team are preparing for a brand new adventure. New memories, new accomplishments, and new stories to tell are all coming soon, and team members are eager to see what the season holds.

“I don’t know what I’m excited for, we just have to see,” says Zakai Pannel, a junior who has been participating in track for four years.

Pannel competes in multiple events for the track team, including the 100m, 200m, long jump, high jump, and 4x1 relay. While these events are an important part of the track experience for him, the bonds he's created with his teammates are just as significant.

“My favorite part about track is when I can compete with my friends and just have a good time,” Pannel said. “My team motivates me by pushing my limits so I can go to the next level.”

Pannel isn't sure where he wants to attend college just yet, but he added that he hopes an athletic scholarship will allow him to keep running track.

Meanwhile sophomore Halie Cundiff has her own goals for this season.

“I plan on hitting 30 feet for shot put this season and working on getting stronger and getting better overall,” she aspired.

The girls of the track and field team gather around with their coaches for a picture. (Courtesy Photo)

Cundiff has been doing track and field for four years. She throws shot put for indoor track and shot and discus for outdoor track.

“My favorite part about track and field is the environment, the friends and family you create, and the memories you make. My team, and especially [my] coach, are always pushing me to perform at my

best and to always work hard,” Cundiff explained.

Chris Renick, the coach of the track team, has a similar view of his players. To him, track and field is more than just running; it consists of a variety of different activities that work on athleticism and power. He feels the team is well rounded and that every athlete has different strengths.

“They push each other,” he said. “I’ve seen growth, maturity of the kids, and leadership. A lot of young kids are looking up to these guys. A lot of younger guys are stepping up and pushing each other. From last year to this year, I’ve seen leadership and the veterans standing up."

Because of the quality of this year's team, Renick believes they will achieve great things. His hope is that the team will bring some state titles back to FCHS.

“We always try to bring hardware home," Renick said.

The track and field team will be in action on April 9th at WIlliam Fleming High School. Students and staff alike are encouraged by the team to come watch their meet and cheer on their fellow Eagles.

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